The Merchant and the Clergyman by Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee @Bonnie_Dee

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A village clergyman
Curate James Fletcher is content shepherding his parishioners through the good and bad times of their lives. If he sometimes dreams of making a deeper connection with a man who truly knows everything about him, it is an impulse he ignores.
A devoted businessman
Declan Shaw solves problems at his family’s many business enterprises. Recently, he’s considered ceasing his travels to pursue a few desires of his own. He’d love to explore his secret love of cooking and perhaps have a relationship with a man that lasts longer than a night.
The event that brings them together
In town for his cousin’s wedding, Declan meets James just as he’s bested the annoying groom. Intrigued by the mild-mannered cleric’s surprising spirit, Declan asks James to help him discover if his aging aunt is being mistreated by her spouse.
As their paths repeatedly cross, the men reach an intersection of attraction they can’t ignore. Will they dare purse forbidden passion and continue to journey together into the future, or will their differences tear them apart?
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Anytime I hear that this due has released something its an auto buy for me. No matter what the story is about. I know I’ll love it.


This one was a little more unique in the subject and the ending then I’m used to and at first the ending threw me. But after thinking about it, the period and the situation. of course it was the only one they could have. So perfect.


One person, lives in the area, grew up in the area, all he knows is the area. James, he’s life was set early on and even though he’s varied a few times, he has always come back to the same path.

Declan, has traveled most all of his adult life. Knowing his sexual orientation, he has no reason to stay anywhere and make a home or hearth until he meets James while visiting family for a wedding.

While there he soon realizes that something is a miss with his Aunt and asks for James help in the matter.

As these two get closer, and the days slip by, James soon realizes he may want more then his small Parrish can provide. And Declan also realizes it may be time to find a home.

These two are just brilliant together as well as interacting will the other charaters around them. You can feel the compassion James has for everyone.  Understand why he’s in the right profession for him. And then Declan, showing us his Alpha side when needed, as well as the tender side dealing with his Aunt and the ladies.

Both the main story, of the wedding and the secondary story are both well done and joined together perfectly.

The ending threw me at first, not your normal HEA, but it works for them and it is an HEA.

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