The Hometown Hoax by Heather Thurmeier

Hometown Hoax

Leaving was hard, but staying away might be impossible.

Tessa Cutter escaped her tiny hometown and chased her artistic dreams straight to Manhattan. Now she’s home for a camping trip with her family. To keep them off her back, she makes up the perfect pretend boyfriend—successful, important, and most of all, permanently located in New York.

Logan Ridley lost everything when his Manhattan-based personal training studio shut down. Luckily, a friend got him a position as a gym teacher in the small town of Cutter’s Creek. He’s heard a lot about the infamous Tessa, but she’s even better than he imagined. Except, she seems to hate everything about the small town he’s growing to love.

The chemistry sparking between them is impossible to ignore, but falling for Logan will trap Tessa in the small town she worked so hard to escape. If they have any hope of a future together, he’ll have to convince her that everything she wants has been in Cutter’s Creek all along… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Amanda_s ReviewTAG

First time reader of Thurmeier and probably not the last. I have to state right off the bat that I am not a fan of dated story lines (i.e. story told in a short time frame). I get the whole love at first site thing but I do not get how a couple and meet, date, fall in love, fight/conflicts that separate them, get back together, and live happily ever after in just one week or so. When reading romance novels it is expected for all the above to happen BUT not in the time it takes milk to spoil. Why the rush?

This is where I have to give kudos to Thurmeier because even though Tessa Cutter returns to her hometown for literally one week and meets Logan Ridley – Thurmeier did a brilliant job at not rushing the story. I absolutely loved Tessa and Logan, loved the banter between them, and I’m not afraid to admit that I totally swooned over Logan. I was able to relate to Tessa’s issues with her small hometown where everyone knows everyone’s business and at the same time I was also able to relate to Logan’s pull to small town living.

Overall I really enjoyed The Hometown Hoax and it really did leave me wanting more of Tessa and Logan. Great job to Thurmeier with this book.

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