The Geomides Affair by Noah J. Dove

The Geomides Affair

A year has passed since the end of apocalyptic war. Civilization in ruins. Famine and desolation, the only remains of civil society. The survivors on Geomides span all walks of life, from fierce leaders to zealous revolutionaries to born-again spiritualists—all struggling to wrestle control of their respective destinies. As things on this precarious planet spiral deeper into chaos, violence, and intrigue, everyone is struggling to piece back together the shards of a lost world, facing off with their most dangerous enemy: themselves. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

The Geomides Affair has a lot going on within the 800+ pages, from a cast of many characters to the fast paced plot. It is a Sci-Fi story with many different perspectives – each chapter told from a different one. I found that element to be unique and different, but it did cause me a lot of confusion while reading. Each character is well developed and very detailed and there is enough suspense and action to keep the story moving. The book feels like I’m watching a few different shows on a TV screen and I need to decide which one to focus on. While the world building was well done, I believe there was a little too much detail and not enough left to the reader’s imagination.  As a reader, I want to escape into the pages with the characters and imagine myself alongside of them (or at least watching from the sidelines). That did not happen with this book and it made it difficult for me to want to read on (something that is not good for this long of a book).

Fans of long Sci-Fi storylines may enjoy the author’s spin on the world he created, but sadly, this book was not for me.


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