The Carpenter (Workplace Encounters #5) by Serena Yates

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Tom Halderson is a carpenter in desperate need of a big project to save the financially troubled construction company he inherited from his father. Tom is a better carpenter than a businessman, and worse yet, Tom’s estranged brother suddenly demands his share of the inheritance. When Matt Langford hires Tom to renovate his house, things begin to look up. A safari guide, Matt plans to restore and sell the home his grandfather left him and return to his exciting life in Africa. He is not about to let his sudden—and powerful—attraction to Tom persuade him to settle down—not after infidelity destroyed his own family. But adventurous Matt is exactly what Tom’s life is lacking, and Tom is determined to show Matt what could be between them. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

My first in this series, and I wasn’t lost so I’m positive they are all stand alone.

When reading the blurb, I was charmed by idea that Globe setting Matt wouldn’t budge and wanted to know what Tom would do to persuade him.

Tom was given a company he really doesn’t want and a home when his father passes. Over the last couple of years him and his business partner have tried to make the business successful and doing a fair job until Tom’s brother shows up out of the blue and demands a share in everything. We skip ahead several months, Tom has now fired the brother, business is failing and Tom is beside himself.

Matt, is back in America to renovate a home he inherited and then leave again.

Matt was a strong, charming character, that we really didn’t that much of a background on. But for the present he seemed very loyal and willing to be patient and understanding to Tom and what was happening. And honestly if it wasn’t for him taking charge Tom would have crawled under a rock.

Tom, I get he was supposed to be this recovering abused victim, they never said the ‘R’ word but mental sexual abuse without R is a thing. But by about halfway through the book, I was ready to hand him a backbone. Enough of playing the passive card and stand up for yourself and the company. I literally was groaning when they were talking about the different ways to stop Derek and he was well, no… this and well no that… COME ON!

The story itself I also felt was a little too over the top, I get revenge against the dead father. But unless I missed it, we never really found out why, was it just revenge? Seems so much just for that. Involving other companies, city council, press, etc. there just seemed like there had to be a bigger issue going on than simply upset because the father was right about the marriage destine to fail. Which it did.

When Tom and Matt weren’t fighting the bad guy, the play time was fun, and you could see way Tom wanted to come out of his shell for Matt. I just we had more of them being them and less Tom being a victim and more a what he should have been, the romantic lead in a book.

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