The $10 Reaper (Record of A Reaper) by A.C. Pauline

The $10 reaper

Jerry has nothing to lose – except his soul – when he takes a job eliminating the dregs of society in Academia, Ohio. A mysterious boss who doesn’t micro-manage and a rustic clean-up crew, what more could he ask for? Business is good, but things change and Jerry quickly realizes that he just might have more to lose than he once thought. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Jerry Johnson is an average guy struggling to make ends meet. After losing his main job, after quitting his part time one, a mysterious man shows up in his apartment and offers him the job of a lifetime. He’ll pay Jerry $10 an hour for the first job and then raise that pay based on job performance. Sounds like a reasonable offer except for the actual job requirements. Jerry isn’t sure he can do it, but he does and finds that it was much easier than he thought.

While there was nothing wrong with the story, it wasn’t amazing, either. The writing was good and so was the dialogue. The story held my attention, but it was short enough where I could read it quickly without being distracted.  I like to read to escape real life or to feel for the characters and this story did neither for me. So, while it featured an average main character, it also was just an average story for me.



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