Resist (Redzone #2) by Tracey Martin


Truth is a powerful weapon…but explosives never hurt.

Sophia can run but she can’t hide. RedZone is on her tail and those of the six tech-augmented soldiers who escaped its clutches with her. If she could only focus on fighting her way to safety, she might live long enough to disappear. But it’s not just her own backside she needs to watch out for.

At her side is her boyfriend, Kyle. He’s the reason she found the courage to escape, and she’ll do anything to keep him and his secrets out of RedZone’s hands. Only problem is, since she was once sent to capture him, he has good reason not to trust her.

In fact, there’s not much trust to go around. RedZone keeps finding them, suggesting someone is a traitor. And if that’s not enough to recapture the group, the organization has a backup plan. One that will force Sophia and Kyle to choose between safety and risking everything one more time.

Warning: Contains killer robots, mutant college students, and dangerous super soldiers. And those are the good guys. It’s enough to make a rogue assassin wish she were taking her philosophy final instead. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

I am going to preface this review with the fact that I have not read the first book in this series. With that said, I found it works as a stand-alone. Sophia, aka Sev, is an enhanced human with many abilities. She is part of a team of operative sent on missions for the group known as RedZone. Sophia and her team escaped from RedZone, but they kept being found each time they moved on to a new location. Kyle, her boyfriend/human target RedZone sent her to find in the first place, does not like the team leader, Cole, with good reason. Cole is in love with Sophia. The story begins with Sophia and Cole on a mission at a business holiday party. Her job is to download information from a bank officer’s computer and turn that information over to the RedZone leader, Malone. It’s a test of her allegiance to the group after the team’s failed escape.

Sophia has flashbacks of the team’s escape. But, she doesn’t fully remember all of the details because RedZone wiped her memory clean.  She remembers Kyle and her feelings for him, but can’t act on them or else she will be destroyed. She tries to piece together what happened after their escape and how she was recaptured. She, also, does not know if it her rest of her team was brought back to RedZone, too, because she is being held in a cell where the rejects are kept.

I found the flashbacks to flow well within the main story. Sometimes, they can take away from the main theme of the story, but that did not happen in this case. Also, the story is so full of action, twists, and turns that make it easy to keep going without wanting to put the book down. I was on the edge of my seat, egging Sophia on, during the flashback sequences.  Honestly, the action was my favorite part of the book! The author’s creativity with the world building is so good and imaginative. Great job, Ms. Martin!

Overall, this book is a must read for any Sci-Fi/ New Adult fan!



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