Pure Folly (Forbidden Loves) by Madelynne Ellis

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Running scared has never felt so good.

The prospect of a night in a haunted folly terrifies Alastair de Vere almost as much as admitting the depth of his feelings for his cousin’s dashing fiancé. Love between men is utterly forbidden, but Jude captivates him in a way no woman ever has. Confessing the attraction could gain or lose him everything.

When a spirit seeking to end a century of torment takes possession of Jude, Alastair must face his deepest fears, for only by surrendering to fate can he hope to win freedom for them both. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is a quick tale about two men that have been circling each other for months but because of circumstance of the era, men weren’t allowed to have those feelings. So one has come to the conclusion that the other couldn’t possibly return the affections while the other feels the only way is to marry a mutual friend.  So when a dare is brought forward that they both spend the night in a haunted folly, one is glad of it, while the other is fearful.

This is my second book by this other, both of which are marvelous tales of the human condition, how the react to certain situations both good and bad. And when feelings are made clear, we are given a sensual exploration of those feelings. But what I just loved about this one was the fact that we got to expand to the past and live the lives of the Great Grandfather and his lover, which tied the ending up perfectly.


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