One Last Promise (A Bedford Falls Novel Book 2) by Sydney Bristow

Damon Durant is not your average bad boy; sure, he has a wicked smile that flaunts an unpredictable nature and more than a hint of danger, but if growing up shuffled from one dysfunctional foster family to another has taught him anything it’s that love is hard to come by. So when he flirts with a sexy, young restaurateur named Kelsey Lawford, he can’t help but think that he’s finally found the one.

When it comes to romance, Kelsey has always trusted her heart, and it has led to more than a bit of heartache and regret. Now she’s ready to concentrate on what she wants twenty years down the road, instead of twenty minutes into the future. So when she banters with a romance novelist who exudes enough blistering sex appeal to leave her breathless, Kelsey ignores her feelings. Because if her past has taught her anything, it’s that men like Damon can’t be trusted, especially when she learns that this irresistible man has left a trail of broken hearts in his wake.Kelsey wants to trust the longing Damon evokes in his books and the adorable relationship he shares with his cute Beagle, thinking there’s more to the Harley-riding bad boy everyone says is only out for one thing. But will it be enough to convince Kelsey to overlook her past and trust a man that everyone says can’t be trusted?

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First of all – I have to say how much I LOVE that the hero, Damon, is a romance writer! A very successful, self-publishing, interactive with his online fans, romance writer! He also has a reputation as a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy, so it is no surprise that Alex warns him away from his sister, Kelsey. Kelsey has had a string of failed relationships. As entrepreneur restaurant owner, she is a workaholic and doesn’t have time for her friends and family, let alone dating. But, when she meets Damon, their conversation turns witty and comical. However, she has no desire to be a fling for the romance writer. She meets Paul while volunteering at the local animal shelter and immediately likes his easy going, not so pushy, sweet nature. But, Paul isn’t all that he seems and Kelsey isn’t sure of her feelings for the guy.

I found this story to be an enjoyable one. The banter between Kelsey and Damon was one of my favorite parts of the while story. I found Alex’s girlfriend, Marisa, to be condescending and downright mean. She didn’t like Damon because Alex said so, not because she got to know him and formed her own opinion. However, Kelsey’s strong personality and independence allowed me to look past Marisa’s clingy behavior.

What I did not like about this book was how it dragged towards the middle. I found myself skimming over a lot of the details about Damon’s past conquests. Yes, he was a womanizer. But, I didn’t need to know every single detail about his conquests in order to understand that point. Other than that (and how annoying Marisa was), I found the book to be an overall good story.


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