Middle Game (Chess #2) by Sean Michael

Middle Game

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Can Jason be with three amazing men and not lose his heart in the process?

Living with and being the play toy of three men is more rewarding than Jason could have imagined. Bishop, Knight and Rook each have their own way of loving on him. In Bishop he finds a work-out partner, friendship, and good solid lovemaking. He isn’t sure what to make of Knight, but the man is a brilliant artist and there are worse things than being Knight’s subject for his latest series of paintings. And the kinky things Knight does to him blow his mind on a regular basis.

It’s Rook who Jason is falling in love with, though. The bright, loving, sexy man has him head over heels and Jason’s beginning to worry that he’s getting himself in way over his head. Can he continue to be with these men without losing his heart? goodreads Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Second book, all the guys have settled in to a routine and relationship. As Jason models for Knight and Rook and Bishop head off to work. After hours has become serious play time. With the guys pairing off and joining together.

What we saw in the last book that has carried over into this one is Jason and Rook are developing a deeper relationship then Jason and the the other two, and this is starting to put a strain on things. Knight is still doing things with out thinking and Bishop is still having to bring him back in. I did think that Jason concerns was glossed over too quickly and never really dealt with, so maybe we will see it again?

But its a nice continuation of the first book.


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