Marriage Most Convenient by Amberly Smith

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No bank is going to give a nomadic thrill seeker a loan, even if Tom Flynn wants to develop and run a retreat for disabled kids. Good thing he’s finally old enough to pull from his trust fund. However, it would mean settling down—because accessing the money requires him to be married—so he asks his best friend, Luke, to marry him.

Luke Marten’s goal is simple: don’t go on one more crazy adventure with Tom. Knowing how successful he has been in the past, Luke has a backup plan: don’t fall in love. He’s a goner when Tom not only proposes but confesses to one seriously hot kink.

For their friendship to survive this marriage, they’ll need to face DOMA, conservative judges, and long-held beliefs about each other. Talk about getting caught by the short hairs. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

If I’m not mistaken, this is my first by this author. And I simply loved it!  Was it some great master piece, no. However, it was a really sweet, tale of two guys finally realizing that there is more to life then what they have and are doing, if they take that chance.

Luke, an openly gay man has been secretly in love with his straight best friend for forever.  Tom, actually not straight but bi- just never told Luke, always knew his feelings were not just friendly but could never put words to them.

Then Tom needs the ultimate favor and of course Luke says yes.  The rest of the novella is a quick tale of Tom and Luke finding out there true feelings, screwing up said feeling and sorting it all out.

The magic that Luke and Tom make in the time they have together is so sweet, you can see they love each other. I got completely invested in the journey across the county they had to go on. And the struggles they went through.


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