His Beautiful Beast by Amber Kell

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Sammy Dunn had always dreamed of being a musician. When his mother’s employer offers to pay for his music school in exchange for Sammy to return he agrees.

Jonah Croft had longed for someone like his boyfriend Sammy his entire life. When Sammy disappears Jonah refuses to let his vanishing go unremarked but what he discovers when he finds him changes his entire world view.

Will love prevail or will evil tear the lovers apart? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Well, that was a twist I wasn’t expecting. Well played.

What a great novella you can read before bed and then sit there and say, well I’ll be.

Starts out fine, get a snapshot on how Sammy gets indebted, and then to present day and goes to repay the debt. Even though something keeps stopping him from showing up, his natural integrity pushes through and he just must.

We get an understanding on why he doesn’t want to be completely dependent on new boyfriend even though you can already tell he’s feelings run deep.

And when said BF shows up and the story gets really interesting and twisted you get led on a merry tale and you really think well, that’s it then….

Jonah and Sammy both show us that these two belong together, and with understanding and thinking outside the box maybe just maybe they can get the HEA they want.

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