Greasepaint by David C. Hayes


He has lots of fun in store for you!

Michael is the only survivor of serial killer Reginald Bent, better known as the nationally syndicated TV star Orzo the Clown. Having his own rock band has helped Michael cope. He loses himself in the music and doesn’t think of Orzo or the way the demented clown died right in front of him.

Now a new DVD release of the Orzo the Clown Show brings all the memories back to the surface. It has also drawn out either Orzo himself, back from the grave, or a copycat just as insane. Anyone Michael knows is a potential victim as the crazed clown slashes his way through another three-ring circus of terror, hell bent on finishing what was started. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 The Reviewer JoyTAG

Warning: The story touches on sexual violence involving children.

Clowns are such lively, bright and colorful entertainers. They can make us laugh and smile with their enthusiasm and silliness. It’s no wonder that a clown could easily become a famous popular children’s entertainer but what happens when that popular entertainer has a dark twisted side and uses his clown persona to become a serial killer?

Michael was the only child who survived his time with the psycho clown serial killer Orzo but surviving such a thing has a lasting affect on someone. Twenty years later, Michael has hidden away his past and reinvented himself as the lead singer of a successful punk horror band. His band has a faithful following and they’re prepped to catch their break into the big time music industry but just as things seem up for Michael the past inserts itself back front and center into his life. The Orzo the Clown show is being rereleased on DVD. Michael can’t escape the images, commercials and talk show debates concerning the sick serial killer. Things become even more concerning when the media digs up information on where Michael the lone survivor is and throw him back into the spotlight. Now he has reporters, odd Orzo cult fans and a killer clown following him.

Has Orzo risen from the grave, has Michael finally broken from reality or has someone else taken on the persona of the famous serial killer? If so can Michael once again survive or will Orzo finally finish the job?

The story is truly disturbing. It’s the kind of horror story that has you feeling uncomfortable, scared and wanting to ban clowns from your life. Michael’s emotions are palpable and you really want the guy to finally find some peace but this isn’t one of those off into the sunset kind of books. More like melting into the darkness and losing yourself in the grips of fear. It’s a quick read, with descriptive writing and interesting characters. It’s a classic slasher storyline mixed in with the classic whodunit. Hayes puts his filmmaking skills to work and gives us writing that visually pops out like a scene from a film. The visual gore is there but not so overwhelming that the characters reactions are lost in the midst of strewn body parts and blood. If you can handle clowns and twisted horror you’ll enjoy this Greasepaint tale.

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