Freshman Blues by Ravon Silvius

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When Chris is invited to prestigious Creekville University, he discovers he is part of an experiment by the mysterious Professor Faran. There’s no other way a C student like him would have been accepted into a college where academic mastery results in unique powers like levitation or empathy. But if Faran is right, even below-average students can get special abilities and a good job after graduation. Chris just has to work hard.

Chris isn’t the only one, either. Frederick has worked for Faran for years, and Chris is intrigued by the aloof and sexy older student. But Frederick is too terrified of life after graduation to pursue romance. As they work together, Chris tries to help Frederick out of his depression, all while juggling friendship, classwork, dating, and trying to carve out a place he can belong.

But funding for the experiment is running out, and Chris has to acquire an ability—any ability—soon, or he’ll lose his opportunity at Creekville, and any chance with Frederick, for good. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

This entire book, well 24 of the 25 chapters, felt like pre-story to me, mainly because most of it seemed like rather useless information by the end and just gave us a huge overview of Chris’s first few weeks at school (of which the timing was off in the story. At one point, it’s the end of week 1, then it’s week 2 and in that same week, we find out the ‘next’ week is week 4 while at the same time saying that Chris has been away from home for 2 months). We still never found out why Chris wanted Freddy. He wanted him yes, but the intensity with which he did seemed a bit over the top. I am assuming this is the beginning of Chris and Frederick’s story, because by the time it ended, I felt filled with information, ready for the real story to begin.

Also, the cover…the blond looks like the younger one, or is it just me? And yet, Frederick is the blond and he’s a senior whereas Chris is a freshman.

Anyway, for this very long ‘Prologue’ of a story, I can only give it 3 stars. It lagged a lot with most of the time Chris worrying about Frederick. As Frederick rarely gave him the time of day, it made little sense.

Now, I hope the author will give us the next book soon. I want to see just what kind of deal Chris can get from Foran for staying on after the ending of this one. Maybe he could ask for a few of Frederick’s stipulations to lift? Just a thought 😀threestars Purchase LinksTAG

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