En Prise (Chess #3) by Sean Michael

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Just when things seem to be at their best, disaster strikes. Will all the men of Chess survive?

It’s the holiday season and Jason is having the best Christmas he can remember in a long time. He’s in love with Rook and settling in with Bishop and Knight, figuring out where he fits and learning to love their appetites. He might even be feeling like he belongs.

Holiday bliss is followed by disaster, though, when Knight is involved in an accident and is hospitalized. Will Jason, Bishop and Rook be able to rally around their lover and each other? Or will the strain put on their relationship tear them all apart?

Follow the moves made by the men of Chess and find out… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is book three in the series and should be read in order.

It’s Christmas, and all the men and getting ready, buying a tree, thinking about dinner, and what to stuff in stockings.

Jason is settling more into his role, totally in love with Rook but that no longer scares him. And getting more comfortable with Bishop and Knight.

When disaster strikes, all the men react the way you’d expect. Which was perfect. Rook, was perfectly hysterical and cute. Bishop was the rock that everyone needed, and Jason ended up being the voice, the stabilizer. It all worked perfectly.

As the everything settles back down and the men realize the new roles and feelings we get ready for book four.

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