Cruising by Jane Anderson

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Pam, Rick and Sean, are all in the same boat—literally. As staff members on a cruise ship, they make sure guests are wrapped in luxury while the staff works hard, and plays harder.

Pam’s running away from a cheating husband, Sean has his own recently broken heart to deal with, and Rick is always up for a bit of fun. The sort of fun that leads the three into a spontaneous get-together. With humor, maybe one drink too many, and an awkward moment or two, the threesome work things out so that, in the end, everyone gets a happy ending. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Pam, Rick, and Sean are all employed by the same cruise line and are on the boat together. Pam and Rick are roommates and it works because Pam is married and Rick is gay. Pam is in the shower when Rick brings Sean back to their room. Rick asks if she is ok and she admits that she is sexually frustrated. She sees Sean and realizes he is the hunk that every man and woman thinks is the sexiest on the boat. Sean says he wants the three of them to be together and what happens next is a night they won’t forget.

This story is pure, unadulterated, sexy, erotica between friends and lovers. Each person gives another what they need at the time without question or thought. Even though Pam is married, she escaped to the boat to work to get away from her husband after she found out he was cheating. Personally, I did not like that she was thinking of her husband one minute and then having wild sex with two men the next. Also, Rick is gay. Yet, he does things with Pam that aren’t true to that. Things I would have found more believable from the bisexual Sean. Unfortunately, this quick story left me confused instead of wanting more.

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