Christmas With the Billionaire Rancher by Mandy Baxter

Christmas With the Billionaire Rancher

In Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher by Mandy Baxter, there’s nothing Nate Christensen hates more than a golddigger. Nate wants to stay away from all the women who want his money. That is, until he meets the sexy, beautiful Chloe Benson, who lights a fire in his blood that only the most passionate nights can ease…

Chloe cannot get enough of Nate-she’s never felt more wild with desire in her life. The only problem is, she needs Nate’s money. True, it’s for a very worthy charity…but is their passion enough to still Nate’s fears that she’s only wants him for how big his bank account is? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Whew! I forgot how hot Baxter’s Billionaire’s Club novellas could be. I made the mistake of starting Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher at work and had to stop reading it because it was getting too hot for reading in public. The attraction between Nate and Chloe was immediate and palpable and I for one could not fault Chloe one bit for accompanying Nate to his hotel room the night they met. Goodness gracious the man had me turned on and I would have been calling Chloe names had she not gone upstairs that night. That their one-night stand was not enough, causing Nate to contact Chloe so they could spend time together not only added to my squirming, but also to my enjoyment of watching their relationship develop … and explode.


While Baxter can certainly write steamy scenes, she does so within the flow of the story and despite Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher being a novella, there is plenty of story to be found. Chloe approaches Nate at his father’s memorial service in order to solicit a sizable donation for her foundation. Even though she cringes at the thought of crashing a memorial service to beg for money, her foundation is on the verge of closing its doors and leaving the local at-risk youth without much needed services meant to keep them out of trouble. Although there isn’t much Chloe won’t do to help the kids she works with, she draws the line at mixing business with pleasure, so when she crosses the line with Nate he is no longer a viable option for funding. This integrity on Chloe’s part made her so very easy to like even if I could see how her actions were going to come back and bite her in the rear. And boy did they! Once we learn exactly what led to Nate’s estrangement from his father, his reaction to Chloe’s actions made sense – but they didn’t excuse just how hateful and nasty he was during their fight. I was glad to see that Chloe didn’t cave just because he apologized because what he said was not something that could be wiped away with a simple “I’m sorry.” Of course Baxter provides the expected happy ending for Nate and Chloe, but the journey to get there is what makes Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher so much fun to read. Having met Nate’s brothers in this installment, I’m looking forward to the next book in the series because both men should be fun to read about.

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