Christmas in the City Anthology

Christmas in the City

An anthology of newly written novellas by 14 of the 2016 Authors in the City Authors. This anthology will benefit a children’s hospital in the Florida area where the 2016 Authors in the City book signing will be held. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

This is a collection of stories by various authors all set around Christmas. I read the story One Hot Christmas by A.D. Justice. It is about a rock band, specifically members Dane, Jagger, and their girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. Jagger has been in a relationship with Mali, while Dane’s girlfriend, Jagger’s sister Cass, broke up with him before the band went on tour. The band plays pranks on each other, with hilarious hijinks and lots of fun during the tour. Mali and Jagger are very much in love and he is miserable on tour without her, though.  Dane and Cass are struggling because of their breakup. Dane and Cass are in love, but she didn’t want to be with him while he was focusing on groupies and other fans during their tour. Mali and Jagger have had enough and conspire together to bring their friends back together.

This was a sweet story that was a fun and short read.

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