Alexey Dyed in Red (Zhakieve #1) by A.M. Valenza

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A century has passed since warlock Alexey arrived in Kalinstad, chased across the ocean and dying from fever. His memories of what brought him to such a state were lost; since then he passed his days quietly, buried deep in the snowy mountains in a place rarely visited by outsiders.

His life of peace is brought to a sudden halt with the arrival of two Darkrow, sent by the Blue Emperor to unravel a mystery they will not explain. More than mere Darkrow, they are demons, dangerous and cold, but also beautiful and fascinating in the way they touch and cling and silently watch.

When they offer Alexey a chance to become a Darkrow, he accepts—and his whole world falls apart. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

This story is nothing like any other fantasy book I have read. The magical world the author created is very different from most of the mainstream stories out there.  There is, also, horror wrapped around the fantasy storyline in a way that is very dark. The ways a warlock gains power within this story is both disturbing and fascinating all at the same time! There are so many twists within this short story that make your head spin – in a good way! Alexey thinks he lives a happy life. But, things change after he meets two demons who change things for the sweet boy.

If you enjoy fantasy, magic, and horror, you should give this short story a try!

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