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It is officially autumn in Southern Ontario. We’ve got everything from coloured leaves to morning air that’s cool enough that you can see your breath when you’re standing outside holding your dog’s leash and grumbling at the poor little thing to “Hurry the hell up!” The squirrels are running around like someone’s tied lit firecrackers to their tails, and those insects that weren’t smart enough to find someplace dark and dry are bumbling around and bashing into things like they’re on a bad acid trip. The geese are flying through the baby blue skies in their fascinating V patterns. They’re not going anywhere, mind you. I’m not sure if they’re still practising their formations or debating whether they really do have to get up and be gone, but they’re still milling around Port Dalhousie like they own the place. There is pumpkin spice everywhere. Like… everywhere. If I smell one more clove-cinnamon-sugar-pumpkin anything there’s a good chance I’m going to lose my mind. I’m one of those rare few that can’t stand pumpkin. Not the taste, the smell – I don’t even like the colour. It’s better than peppermint, though and all the gods in all the places know that season is just a hair’s breadth away as well. Don’t worry, I won’t start ranting about winter or its holidays yet. (Emphasis on yet.)




*peeks up, looks around, gets up and closes door*


Kelly Wyre: What are you up to?


It’s a surprise. Read on…


I figure that’s just about as much text as most of you will see in the previews that come up on emails or social media feeds. I’m hoping it is, anyway. Because for those of you that actually clicked through, and read through that rambling first paragraph, I’d like to try a bit of an experiment.


Kelly: Oh, man. Henley, you know what happened last time you tried that…


That was not my fault! Nobody told me that was flammable!


Kelly: Not that time! I mean the other time!


That was also not my fault. That was your take on the suggested experiment. I had no idea it would evolve to kitchen tables and clothes pins and Sharpies. I wasn’t even there. When you think about it, you have only yourself to blame on thatβ€”


Kelly: *shakes fist*


Okay, back to the post before I get myself decked. I bruise so easily.


Kelly: *rolls eyes* You’re a veritable peach, Henley.


Anyways, my point being that statistically speaking, click-through rates are atrocious. Not just on blog posts, either. Pretty much anything a promoter (advertiser, etc.) does electronically, they do it knowing that only 1.4% to 2% of their market is going to go any further than that first initial view. Did you get an email this morning showing you this post had gone live? How about a Facebook notification? Tweet? Tumblr post? Well, so did the other 98% of folks. Only you and the rest of the 2% showed up for tea.

And I think that’s cool. I love you guys for that. The 2%ers. Not the 1%ers, mind you. They’re scary. You guys aren’t scary. I hope.


Kelly: What’s wrong with scary? I find scary somewhat endearing, at the very least interesting.


That’s why I love you. You keep the scary things busy and they leave me alone.


Kelly: D’aww!


Therefore (consequently, hence, and as such), I had an idea. Let’s see who makes up my 2%ers. Let’s see how many of you made it past the initial prompt and followed through with the post.


Leave a comment below and I’ll enter you into a giveaway for an ebook from my backlist in any format you’d like (excluding anthologies [sorry], but including Wolf, WY.) And to add a little extra incentive for those of you that have already so kindly bought anything and everything possible (does someone like that actually exist out there? I would absolutely love to know if that’s the case!) the winner’s name will be written on one of my Post Its and get stuck on my infamous Post Its wall, where it will wait until such time as the second novel in the Wolf series comes out. Then the winner will get an ebook copy of that one too.


There are only a few rules to this giveaway:


(1) Keep it a surprise. It’s just between you, me, and the other guys, gals, dolls, and dandies that clicked through to read. In other words, no HASHTAG-GIVEAWAY, HASHTAG-CONTEST, HASHTAG-FREESTUFF. We don’t want to skew our data, after all. This is for science, people! For SCIENCE!


Kelly: *stands in Captain America pose* For SCIENCE!


(2) Leave a comment below. Tell me what the weather’s like in your part of the world; tell me what you’d like for dinner. Tell me about your dog, or just say howdy, Free! What you say in the comment is completely up to you – just write something.


Kelly: How many comments do you think you’re going to get that just read: Something?


Probably all of them. And that’s cool too. πŸ˜€


And finally (3), the legal garble: By entering this giveaway you agree to hold AF Henley and designates harmless should something go awry with either contest or the prizes awarded. Winner must be of legal age, and legally able to accept the prizes as awarded. By entering this giveaway you are confirming your eligibility. Void where prohibited by law.


Giveaway ends at midnight on November 10th. Winner’s name will be posted here, so please do check back. I’ll need you to respond within twenty-four hours.


Until next time!


AF Henley <3


Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica.


A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for β€˜research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.


Henley has been proudly working with LT3 since 2012, including Henley’s newest novel, ‘Wolf, WY’ which hit the shelves on October 21, 2015. For more information please stop by for a visit at


11 thoughts on “AF Henley Monthly Spotlight

  • Lavender Wynter

    The leaves, man, the leaves… I know I had property and land and a driveway somewhere? Right now they’re buried under an ocean of leaves about 8 inches thick (trees aren’t done shedding yet. We’re at 50%). Of course, I have something like 30 trees in the front yard and more than that in the back. There is the idea of building a burn/brush pit to take care of all this since I get so much more than just leaves to sort through (twigs, tree limbs/branches the size of my arm or length of my leg or longer). With the kind of slope my house sits on, it’s difficult dragging these things up to the street. And I’m babbling… XD

    Despite having commented (this is the first one of the guests posts here, I believe), I am not letting you enter me on that draw. Not even for Wolf, en Garde. =)

    Thanks you very much for posting. This was incredibly fun to read. =)

    <3 <3

    • AF Henley

      Thanks for your comment, Wynter! I know you have strong opinions about giveaways, so I’ll keep you out of that part of things. But I do appreciate the comment, regardless. Welcome to the 2% club. XD

  • Raphael

    *LAUGHS* I love the insects on a bad acid trip analogy! Never thought of it that way! πŸ˜€ And all those adorable little squirrels! I hope each of them find enough food to go through the coming winter in great comfort. I certainly can not wait to see the little tykes again in spring. πŸ˜€

    Now you make me wonder? Mentioning your little puppy? Is she in the business of chasing squirrels? XD To be honest, right now I am chuckling at the idea of you being tugged along when she runs after one. πŸ˜‰

    Well, the calendar says it is autumn here as well. If it is not for the fallen colourful leaves it would be really hard to believe with temperatures at 15C at 4am. XD

    Let’s cross fingers that winter will not be too hard on us and mostly: that it will be over soon!

    • AF Henley

      Thank you, buddy. πŸ˜€

      I’d add your name to the giveaway, but that would be kind of pointless, wouldn’t it? I’d also welcome you to the 2% club, but you’re pretty much the club’s magistrate at this point. πŸ˜€

  • Jack Frost


    Howdy, Free! (and calling you that still makes me envision speedos for some reason. Oh the wonderful things you do to me, sir.)

    As for the weather, it’s a balmy 53F. Seriously I was sweating by the end of my 30-minute walk, and that’s not just because I’m out of shape….I think. No, pretty sure it was the weather. All of the leaves have already fallen leaving barren boney limbs to snatch at my hair when the wind picks up. We had a little bit of snow on Thursday, but it wasn’t cold enough to stay, every last wonderful giant flake melted upon contact with the ground. Had a few rainy days with high winds in the 40s. I wore gloves and used an umbrella on those days. But I’m still hopeful it’ll get cooler.

    First cake now pumpkin. xD Well more pumpkin pie for me. I don’t use Pumpkin Spice, though. Honestly, if you can’t spice your own pumpkin you aren’t trying. I learned to bake pies from my mom. She learned it because her father loved pie, but her mom hated making it. xD

    Dinner will most likely be mini-pizzas tonight. Grands biscuits flattened then add pizza sauce and cheese with pepperoni on top. Very easy and filling. Though I can never seem to make the without burning the bottom of the biscuits. I’ll need to get more practice with that. But what I truly want for dinner is Chicken & Rice like mom used to make. That was delicious, but I’ve never managed to make it right myself and the ingredients are far too expensive around here to experiment with.

    My dog, I don’t currently have one, but there is only one dog I ever called “my dog.” Which is weird because as a very young child back when my memory was quite fuzzy we had two dogs but I don’t actively remember them. I’ve seen pictures. I remember going on an adventure to find the one that ran away, but I don’t actively remember them at all. No fun games, no drooling or slobbering, no incessant barking. Nothing. So I only have one dog. Whose name I’m disguising here for personal reasons, let’s call him Lou.

    Everyone says this but Lou was the smartest little doggie in the world. He was a rat-terrier and the thing that made me fall in love with him as a puppy in the pet store was that little stub of a tail. Oh my goodness, he couldn’t wag it, he could only wag his whole butt, and it was so adorable. We played for hours with Lou. He loved to lick our faces so we made a game of laying down and repeatedly rolling over so he would jump over us and tr to lick us. We enjoyed knocking on our door to send him into a frenzy. Later found out he hated it when we yelled “Clear” for some reason. xD The thing that made him so smart though was his personality. When we got presents, and he didn’t, he sat in the doorway looking sadly over his shoulder. When he was older, and we would call him over, he’d groan before getting up like we were disturbing him. And this one time when he was younger he went to the bathroom in the house and when he heard our father come home, he ran to his cage and tried to shut himself in. He often masterminded with our other dogs various ways to get our food off of our plates. I really loved him. Being a wimp I was glad I wasn’t there when he passed, don’t think I could have taken that.

    Now, my question is how are you keeping track of views vs. click-throughs to prove the 2%?

    Don’t worry I’ll keep your secret. Good luck. πŸ˜€ Also I have not bought all of your books, but I’m slowly getting there.

  • AF Henley

    Well, you guys have made it pretty easy on me… so I’m going to continue that trend. Frost and Miranda, you’ve both won the giveaway. Please have a look here … and let me know which ebook you’d be interested. Once you’ve made your choice, send me an email to and don’t forget to include your preference of formats. I’ll be sure to let you know when the second Wolf novel comes out as well. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for commenting guys! <3

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