A Pirate’s Life for Me: Book Two by Tricia Owens

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2nd Edition.
Now that Lucas is committed to staying on the island and performing with the pirates, he begins preparations to join the show. But it’s not easy being Lucas. Besides dealing with anxieties over fitting in with an all gay crew, he struggles to understand his reactions to pirate captain Adam and his first mate, Tyler. The two men, who are lovers with a sizzling sex life, dominate Lucas’ thoughts and inspire
unwanted feelings in him. To cope, he turns to his friend Ben, who is all too eager to initiate Lucas into the island pirate lifestyle. But is Ben enough to distract him? Lucas isn’t so sure. When a rival island gang threatens him, it’s Adam and Tyler who defend him, and whom Lucas turns to for comfort.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

I loved the first book. I even loved most of this book, except for one part there was no warning about. And because of it, I gave the book one star and will not move on to the next book.

Lucas is still reeling from his feelings and begins to explore his gay side. He has Ben to help him learn, and Ben’s such a good guy, it’s much easier than dealing with the intensity of Adam or the hatred of Tyler. Huge problem though…Adam has already told him he will one day want it. And he knows Adam’s right, even though he tries to fight the need growing within.

As if his issues with Adam and his b*tchy sub aren’t bad enough, the author introduced us to a bad guy, a really bad guy. Donohue is a rich boy who, when he doesn’t get what he wants, makes everyone’s life miserable. And he hates Adam because of some inner securities. And what does this hatred bring? Games. Games that they have to play in the jungle in the middle of the night. Games that have to do with horsehair dildos and rape.

Yes, you heard me. Rape. Not rape games. Rape. There was no consent because Adam’s team of pirates was forced into playing. Plus, there wasn’t supposed to be rape – if Lucas was caught, he was supposed to have the dildo shoved up his rear end. Instead? Donohue raped him. They try and make light of it by saying he just punished in his thumb – and that is rape enough – but that’s not all he did.

As a reader, I should have been warned in the blurb that there was rape involved. Rape is a horrible, hideous thing and as a rape survivor I NEVER imbibe in rape play, nor will I read anything with rape in it. If I had been forewarned, I would have passed this book up. But I wasn’t, and more than likely I’ll now have nightmares thanks to that scene.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Adam forced him to accept a little intrusion himself, to show Lucas that it could ‘feel good’. All I can think is – when Lucas wakes up the next morning and all of his insecurities thrive due to the rape, what Adam did made things worse and makes me hate him.

As such, this book gets 1 star only.

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