Without a Net by Lyn Gala

Without a Net Disclaimer MaleTAGOliver Robertson has been assigned to go undercover in one of the shade clubs that litter the seedier parts of town. He has never engaged in the sort of edge play found in those places, preferring the BDSM in the more mainstream control clubs. However, to find the criminals behind a series of kidnappings, he must go in undercover as a shade sub. The mission becomes more complicated when his captain asks him to collect evidence against a lieutenant who might be a dirty cop.

The case quickly gets out of hand, and Ollie finds himself caught between wanting to do his job and not knowing who to trust. That confusion grows worse when a number of sexy and dominant men challenge his assumption that he prefers safe, contractually negotiated sex. It turns out he has more of a wild side than he expected, and given that he’s surrounded by dangerous men, and he can’t distinguish the good guys from the bad, that’s terrifying.

When Ollie gives his trust to Travis Goode, a dominant who appears to be a federal agent, he might be making the connection of a lifetime or dooming himself forever.

Publisher’s Note: Contains dark BDSM elements. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So I’m going to start this review by quoting a sentence from the book “None of it made any sense. None.”

I wasn’t even sure if I was reading a normal MM heavy dark BDSM or a sci fi (light)

And that’s how I left while reading this, but I have to be honest by the end the end I felt a little less confused.

We start by Ollie, and his Captian deciding that he needs to be a kind of double agent inside a really dark and edgy BDSM club. Working for his lieutenant and also working against the lieutenant. Ollie agree’s only because things have gone from bad to worse between the last mission and what he sees in the first meet and greet he had at the club. But when he wants out he’s basically guilt-ed into staying and take the mission.  Or so we thought.

This is were things get thrown into left field, and if your not paying attention you’ll miss it. All the sudden we’ve got another story, plot happening.

Milan wants Ollie, knows who he is, and kidnapped him to train him to be the perfect sub. Travis comes along, also a Dom and wants Ollie. Between the weeks of hardcore sub training,they are positive they have trained Ollie to be the perfect sub and have twisted the original plot that now he has no idea who is bad. He’s captain, the lieutenant, Milan, Travis. All of them.

I have to say, the BDSM was a little edger than I normally like and read. Although, luckily wasn’t too graphic. More clinical. I did have a hard time making a ‘love’ or friendship connection with any of the charaters, which I find to be a major part of the book. But the intrigue and double plots kept me going. We do end up with a HFN ending.

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