Wicked Lies (Men of Summer #2) by Lora Leigh

Wicked Lies

Jazz has never been known as a good boy.

A good drinker. A good partier. A damned good builder, and a hell of a good liar. Those are all descriptions that come to mind when the citizens of Loudon, Tennessee think of the tall, muscular, laughter-filled charmer they know as Jazz. And Jazz will admit to all of them: he likes to play; he likes to tease. And a little white lie surely never hurt anyone.

Until the sexy, too-shy kindergarten teacher, Annie. Annie sets fire to his lusts as well as to his heart. But Annie has a past he wasn’t aware of. A past that will draw Jazz into the heart of a conflict he had never expected to face. His little Annie is under the protection of the United States Marshal Service for her testimony that has a high profile, very wealthy businessman facing death by lethal injection. A man that will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Now, Jazz has to pull in some serious favors, just as he finds himself fighting not just an overprotective Marshal that he believed was the new school principal, but also a woman determined to save the charming liar that has never been serious. One that has never faced reality. A man that has always sworn himself a bachelor. A man that now is telling the most wicked lies of his life to steal the heart of the woman that has stolen his soul. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

I love a good Lora Leigh book and Wicked Lies did not disappoint. Kenni and her mother were murdered when she was just 16. Only, someone saved her and kept her safe for 8 years until he was also killed. For the last two years, Kenni has been living among those she suspects of having her killed, trying to find the person who took everything and everyone she loved away from her. Especially Jazz.

Jazz loved Kenni from childhood. But, he was much older than her 16 years and did not want to go against her father’s wishes. He never got over the heartbreak of losing the girl he loved long ago and so he has been a player, heartbreaker, and all around party guy trying to forget the one girl that haunts him.

Wicked Lies is a story about trust, the truth, family, and second chances. Wish so much suspense, angst, and turmoil, the story flow keeps moving and only gets better as it goes on. I never suspected the ones Kenni thought were after her, and I think she just put up that idea to protect her heart from being away from those she loves. The final culprit surprised me, yet didn’t because only someone so abhorrent could do those things. I did not want to put this story down or have it end. Loved every minute of it!

5 stars

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