Whirlwind (Southern Spirits #8) by Bailey Bradford

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Dying sucks, but the afterlife is one hot place to be.

Stefan wasn’t physically perfect in life, and his search for someone to love him resulted in his murder. Now he’s been dead for years, and he’s lonelier than he ever was when he was alive. His physical problems might have vanished when his body ceased to live, but his spirit has to deal with the memories of the past.

Jordan and Gideon are friends who share eager guys when they can find them, but being in a war zone hasn’t allowed for that to happen often. One roadside stop puts an end to their lives. Jordan and Gideon are at a loss to understand what happens to them, why they stay behind when others go up into the light. Searching for answers, they head to Jordan’s hometown—McKinton, Texas—but a hell of a lot of things have changed in the decade and a half since Jordan left.

Namely, the arrival of one wicked, joyful spirit named Stefan.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAG Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Whirlwind was a fun and sexy way to round out the Southern Spirits series. I don’t know that the author has ended the series officially, but as it’s been a couple of years since this installment’s original release and no new characters were introduced as potential leading men, I’m assuming this is the final book in the series and I must say that Bradford certainly went out with a blast. After Conner found love in Ascension, it was only fitting that our other long-term and interactive spirit, Stefan, find his happiness in the ever after. And Stefan’s tale reads like the best case of karma ever.


In life, Stefan was born with brain damage that resulted in him having both mental and physical delays. In Aftermath we learned that his condition contributed to his being murdered because he fell prey to a high school bully who used him sexually and then tricked him into going to the place of his murder. However, in death, Stefan was no longer afflicted as his limitation had been physical and the lack of a corporeal body equated a “normal” existence in the spirit world. This “new” and “improved” Stefan made for an extremely entertaining first encounter with Jordan and Gideon, two recently deceased soldiers who traveled to McKinton to be near Jordan’s mother. Once the three men deal with their initial misunderstanding and spend a little time together, the sparks fly and Stefan finds himself in the best place possible – between Jordan and Gideon. But when Jordan’s mom lets out a secret that sends Jordan into hiding out of fear from the fallout, Stefan once again finds himself alone and on the outside looking in. The knowledge of what he’s missing out on leads Stefan to make some rather poor choices that have him questioning if there are indeed things worse than death and heartbreak. Fortunately for Stefan, the most important men in his death are well trained and adore him, and have no qualms about putting themselves between Stefan and the danger he’s courting.


I absolutely loved this installment. It’s no secret that a well written ménage is one of my favorite types of relationships to read about and Bradford did a wonderful job creating a fledgling relationship between Jordan, Gideon and Stefan and then building upon it. There is some serious heat among this trio and their ability to ignore the laws of physics made for some scorchingly hot sex scenes. I also enjoyed how she handled Stefan’s disability and the explanation for his life and death differences seemed quite feasible. Conner’s continued presence as a protector in Stefan’s life was perfect and made sense as Conner always saw Stefan as a kid due to his age at death, and not his disability because Conner didn’t know Stefan when he was alive. Whirlwind was an extremely enjoyable read and as much as I hate to see the end of the series, I like how the author brought it to a resolution with all of the main players having their stories told. Fortunately for me, Bradford has many, many other series for me to read.


I’ve found Bradford to be a bit of a hit or miss with me. But I have to say, I loved Whirlwind. Adored Stefan and his two honeys were cute if a bit one dimensional.


Never thought to read erotic romances about ghosts but that’s what this book was and it was fun, where something bad could have happened, but didn’t, and I really did adore Stefan. I hope if the author writes any more Southern Spirits, that she will definitely include playful Stefan.


Now, I found the sex scenes boring. They made me yawn and start skipping passages. But like I said, I loved the book. The characters were so fun and Stefan was so adorable. Plus, mentions of other characters made me want to know their stories.


Which means I need to go read the first 7 books in the series. Because I really want to know about Laine & Severo, Stefan’s brother, and Conner and Ro. Yep. Have to know.


5 stars despite its faults… Why? Because I will be rereading this book. I loved it that much. And if a book is so good I now I’m going to reread it? It deserves 5 stars.

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