Upon the Threshold by April Zyon

Upon the Threshold

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Chief Scientist Elisabeth Washington and her people have fled a ravaged Earth in search of a new life. Finding a world to suit isn’t easy; the journey long and arduous. When they finally set foot on what they hope will be their new home, they’re jubilant, overwhelmed with relief. Too late, much too late, they discover what no one predicted: they have neighbors.

The Droushan, a shapeshifting race, have their neighboring worlds under their protection. When one of those worlds suddenly comes to life, Sect Leader Kraven and his best friend, Weapons Master Lukkis, are sent out to learn what’s happening. They not only find a world reborn but an extraordinary woman who excites and arouses their mating urges.

Three intelligent, capable leaders intent on protecting their people. Two big, powerful men, working to control their inner beasts. One brilliant woman who wants them and can’t understand her own urge to submit to whatever they want to do with her. It’s a tense first contact situation and these three are living upon the threshold. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Humans have inhabited a new planet, one that scientists deemed similar in atmosphere and nutrients as earth. Unfortunately, it was not an abandoned planet but part of the Droushanian system. Droushanian sect leaders visit the humans to investigate and tell them of their plant laws. Elizabeth is a scientist who is studying the newly inhabited planet. She eventually ends up in a ménage with the Droushanians, Kraven and Lukkis.

Unfortunately, the only enjoyable things about this story are the beginning building and the sex. Elizabeth started out as a likable characters, but became annoying as the story went on. As a human scientist, she could have remained brave and strong. But, her character became whiny and moody to the point where I just wanted her character to go away.

Kraven and Lukkis were the two more likable characters in this story. As best friends, they were so opposite that they complimented each other like yin and yang. I do with more of their backstory was explored. Kraven is very serious and by the book. Lukkis has a sense of humor and keeps Kraven grounded. They make a good pairing, together.

Overall, the world building started out strong and powerful. Unfortunately, that did not continue throughout the story and it fell flat as it went on. It has a lot of potential to be a great book, but my attention was not held long enough for me to care about the characters and their goings on. It has the potential to be a great story with some more work.

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