The Seelie King (The Kings #5) by Heather Killough-Walden

The Seelie King

Tuath Stories remembered the fates of the Wishers well.

Thousands of years ago, the sovereigns of the Fae lands issued a decree: The Wishers would die. Powerful magics were called forth, and in an act never before or since accomplished, both light and dark, both Seelie and Unseelie gathered together in their courts and combined their powers. The Wishers were annihilated.

However… legends told how the strongest and most fortunate few managed to escape and hide themselves amongst humans in the mortal realm.

But thousands of years passed with no sign of these legendary Wishers.

They were declared extinct.

And in its rareness, in its extinctness, the lost, most powerful class of the fae, in fact became sacred.

There are a lot of things Selene Trystaine would change about the world if she could. Injustices press in, apathy reigns, and unkindness seems to have taken hold in the crevices of humanity. So when she learns that she is not who she has always believed herself to be and destiny presents her with her birthright, she must battle with her inner demons, even while the handsome and powerful king of those who’d once attempted to destroy her kind discovers her – and begins an all-out attack of seduction on her senses.

No one knows Avery’s true name. He’s the king of the Seelie Fae, a powerful and ancient man who has ruled a beautiful and dangerous world in solitude for longer than human history has been recorded. And he has no reason to believe this solitude will ever change…. Until the other sovereigns of the thirteen kingdoms begin finding their queens one after another. And suddenly, on a hot Spring day, Selene Trystaine appears beside the river Thames like a mirage made real.

A fiery soul, a gift of untold magic, and a Changeling without a clue as to who she is are about to turn the supernatural world upside down. But as a new and terrible war is sparked between good and evil, and the losses become insurmountable, Selene and Avery are going to learn that no matter who or what you are… you must be careful what you wish for. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Seriously?!?!?! I’m starting to believe that the author is now determined to make her readers cry with each book in this series. Even with Lily’s vision at the beginning of The Seelie King, I was wholly unprepared for what it meant when it came to fruition. And holy heck did that scene hurt like a mother. But noooo, ripping my heart out once wasn’t enough for the author. What’s astounding is that all of the emotional hits I took as I read through this installment in The Kings series is that they didn’t directly involve the focus couple. Rather they were part of the series arc that continues to run through each book as we learn more and more about the master that Rafael answers to – Kamon – and what his end goal is. I was completely devastated and the only thing that kept me reading was I had to know how Killough-Walden “fixed it” and what trials Avery would face as he claimed his Seelie Queen.


Hopefully this isn’t too much of a spoiler, but the novelty of The Seelie King is that the biggest threat the king faces when claiming his queen does not come from Kamon and his quarter. I won’t say who was responsible, but the attack on Avery and Selene nearly ends the Seelie King before he even has a chance to meet his queen, much less claim her. But it’s what allows for Avery to undergo the bit of change he needs so that he can help his queen through her transition. I found The Unseelie King’s theories regarding the attack to be as terrifying as the other kings did, but the truth was just as fascinating once it was revealed. Yet not nearly as entertaining as when Avery embraced his newfound darkness for a bit of mischief that led him to his queen.


The Seelie King proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable read for me. With Avery being a bit off his normal game (and you’ll understand why when you read the book), it makes his “courtship” of his queen even more amusing. In part because she thinks he’s crazy, and in part because he’s more open to encouraging her transformation than I would have expected. That is, after he gets over his shock of what kind of fae she is and that The Wishers are no longer extinct. It was fun watching Selene get a bit of karmic justice while Avery guided her and kept her safe. And Killough-Walden demonstrates once again that she can pen a steamy mating scene that will leave no doubt about the claiming of the queen by her king. I love the way the author moves both the story arc and the series arc forward in The Seelie King, intertwining them when appropriate so that the other queens and kings can meet the new Seelie Queen and she can claim her place among the ranks – even if the author does make me cry as she does it. This was another great addition to The Kings series and I’m off to read The Unseelie King to find out what Killough-Walden has in store for the dark court.

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