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Ambitious Daily Sentinel journalist Lauren King is chafing on LA’s vapid social circuit, reporting on glamorous A-list parties while sparring with her rival—the formidable, icy Catherine Ayers. Ayers is an ex-Washington political correspondent who suffered a humiliating fall from grace, and her acerbic, vicious tongue keeps everyone at bay. Everyone, that is, except knockabout Iowa girl King, who is undaunted, unimpressed and gives as good as she gets.

One night a curious story unfolds before their eyes: One business launch, 34 prostitutes and a pallet of missing pink champagne. Can the warring pair work together to unravel an incredible story? This is a lesbian fiction with more than a few mysterious twists. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Blog Mama_s FlashbackTAG

If you are looking for a good read with a great story The Red Files is for you.


I have to admit with many of the books of today being written with more about the sex then the story line I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this one but I was happily mistaken.


To me, this book contained the right amount of “sex scenes” which allows the story to keep you interested and wanting more.  With a quick dose of comedy thrown in here and there to keep you on your toes.  I actually caught myself having a good chuckle here and there which made me very glad I didn’t have anyone around while I was reading.


The author did a great job at explaining the characters so I was actually able to visualize what each one looked like with no problem.


For me, it was nice to see the old cliché of opposites attract still holds true as it came to life with the main characters.


Apparently the author likes the color pink which at first seemed odd but as the story went on I quickly understood its importance and it made perfect sense, the same is true for the title.


With both main characters being women it would have been easy to confuse them but the descriptions of each character were so clear that it was easy to keep each one separate, even if it wasn’t specified at the beginning of a particular scene it was very easy to identify which character was involved.


I could see a sequel to this book and would be confident in saying it would be another one worth reading.


I easily give this book 5 stars and hope there is more from Lee Winter in my near future.fivestars Purchase LinksTAG

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