The Mistress and Her Men by Minerva Howe

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The path to love isn’t always a straight line. Sometimes it’s a triangle.

When Simon realizes his dearest friend is in real trouble with gambling, whoring and daredeviling, he hits on the perfect solution: provide Matthias with an outlet for his self-destructive urges. While Simon would be more than willing to take on the task himself, Matthias has always fought their “unnatural” attraction.

As London’s Mistress of Discipline, Felice Grey wears her independent and scandalous reputation with confidence. She’ll take on Matthias for one night as a favor to Simon—even break her own rules to let Simon watch. She never expected that Matthias’s struggle against his feelings for Simon would touch her heart, or that she’d feel drawn to both men. Especially since Simon’s dominant nature makes it unlikely he’ll bend to her will.

Simon, barely surviving the night’s session, withdraws to his country estate in hopes that his two favorite people will find each other. Felice and Matthias must make a decision—let happiness fall by the wayside, or pursue it—and damn the risk.

Warning: Nothing can stop this femme domme from claiming both her men, and nothing can stop her from showing them how to claim each other. Not whips, or chains, or even too-tight corsets… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

I used to read a lot of historical romance novels, but became burned out after a while. However, the blurb from this book sounded interesting enough for me to give it a try. Matthias is on a self-destructive path. His best friend, Simon, hates to see him go down that path time and again, so he comes up with another way for his friend to get out of gambling debt – one night with the Mistress of Discipline while Simon watches.

Felice is known as the Mistress of Discipline throughout London. As a widow, she does not follow anyone else’s rules but her own. But, she agrees to help Simon’s friend out because she has always wanted Simon for herself. After one night with Matthias, Felice realizes she wants both men for herself. Together, she and Simon break Matthias and show him a much better (and sexier) way to channel his urges to hurt himself.

This was such an intensely sexy story! The three of them together are so combustible. While it was a historical erotica novel, the BDSM elements did not seem out of place for the time period at all. I really enjoyed this steamy story and am glad I gave it a chance.

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