The Last Day of Freedom: A prequel to The Natural Order by R.J. Vickers


Before the magic…

Before the mystery…

Tristan Fairholm was an ordinary teenager who would have given his own heart to save his brother.

Suddenly his life is turned upside down when an earthquake hits his sleepy town of Valley City, North Dakota. He panics, and makes a fatal decision that lands him in court.

But no one else felt the earthquake. Is he lying?

Or are darker forces at play? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 The Reviewer JoyTAG

After reading The Natural Order I was left wondering what exactly happened that fateful day that changed Tristan Fairholm’s life forever. Just how dire were the circumstances that lead him to run off from his home with his sick brother? Where were his parents and were there any adults around to help them? Was the earthquake real? Well, Vickers has written a short prequel answering those very questions while painting an even brighter picture of who Tristan is and was. We get some insight into Tristan’s inner emotions and how he psychologically navigated through that heartbreaking and scary situation.

If I didn’t already have some sympathy toward Tristan I would definitely have some now. Tristan’s life wasn’t exactly rainbows and happy family dinners before the accident but he at least had a deep love and bond with his brother. To be the catalyst that cuts that life short is something Tristan has punished himself for over and over again. I assumed his parents had felt the same way since Tristan had made that assumption but to know that his parents had gone out of their way to help proof the earthquake was real and get Tristan off changed my perspective of the story and left me with many more questions and suspicions. If Tristan had just made a different choice when his lawyer offered up the alternative he would have never made his way to the magic school and he would be free.

So how much of Tristan’s situation was purposely manufactured and guided by Drakewell and why did he choose Tristan?

Great writing, intriguing developments and an interesting quick read.

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