The Devil’s a Werewolf (Seven Brides for Seven Shifters #2) by Thalia Eames

The Devil's a WerewolfThe badder they are, the better they bite.

Seven Brides for Seven Shifters, Book 2

Juliana Perlas has three good reasons to give up dating bad boys:

1. The uber-famous ones tend to be jerks.

2. They’re dangerous.

3. Danger turns her on.

She pulls a trifecta when one of the Seven Sons of Hell crashes through her living room window. Strong, definitely not silent, 1.5-million-Youtube-suscribers Daz Warren.

Dashiell Warren never means to destroy things; chaos just kind of follows him around. His peculiar gift has served him well as a shifter MMA fighter, but it’s left behind a trail of destroyed lives. Miraculously, Jules is the only person in five years he’s been able to touch without suffering searing pain. Which makes him want to get closer.

Jules sternly reminds herself she wants a heroic type who’ll fight for her, slay dragons for her. But Daz has vowed to never raise his fists again—literally or figuratively.

In spite of themselves, his need to touch and her weakness for danger boys collide and go nuclear. All while Fate howls with laughter…

Warning: This book contains a woman whose mind says “run” but whose body says “dance”. And a hero who’s…who’s…well, there’s no nicer way to put it. He’s a smartass. May cause barks of laughter and a yen for taboo sex. Hey, if you can’t run from him, run to him.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

As the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Shifters series, The Devil’s a Werewolf follows the connection between Daz (a former MMA Shifter Fighter and current YouTube vlog star) and Jules (a sweet girl with a penchant for bad boys). Jules and her best friend, Cash, are discussing their lack of a connection one day when his brother, Daz, comes crashing into the house. Literally. Jules and Daz feel an instant pull towards each other. But, Jules has been hurt by her last bad boy to the point where she was harassed, bullied, and put into debt by hackers. She does not want to go down that road, again. Daz can’t be touched. At all. Any physical touch from another causes his skin intense pain. He figures it is from his years of killing and maiming other shifters in the ring. But, when Jules touches him all he feels is pleasure. They are both terrified that if they become more than friends then they will each get hurt.

The two can’t deny their chemistry and eventually give in to their passion. However, the happiness doesn’t last long when their relationship and Daz’s happiness are threatened. It seems that his fans remember Jules from her last scandal and want her gone. Also, after Jules helps a mother and her children escape her abusive husband, his clan come and threaten to expose who Daz’s biological family is. Jules can’t take the hatred and Daz wants to know how to control his Wolverine side, so he leaves Jules and goes to see his biological clan for some answers.

The ending is intense and so surprising! I did not see that coming at all!! There are a host of other characters who all play an integral part in the story – some even bring out more of Jules’ sassy side. I enjoyed the interaction between all the different players. Especially, Gran. She was a hoot! Daz’s friendship with the Hardware store owner and his son exposes his good side and how much he cares for others…and that he is not just a fighter out for blood.

Overall, this was a fun, sassy, and witty story about love, soul mates, and friendship that I enjoyed a lot.

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