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Kevin Kaisho plays gay on the popular nighttime TV drama Shadow Lane. Kevin’s on-screen love interest is his long-time friend, the out and proud (and married) Nick Jantzen. After spending a press junket flirting with Nick to titillate fans, Kevin’s feelings become complicated: Nick’s husband Andrew shows up, making suggestive overtures. With unexpected desires invading his dreams, Kevin must discover what kind of starring role he really wants.

Andrew Walker is successful in his own right as a fashion designer, and he’s quite happy with his life, even if he and Nick are often kept apart by their work. But when he sees a picture of Nick and his new co-star Kevin cozied up for the camera, he’s intrigued. Can he coax Kevin–and Nick–into seeing that starring together in real life can be richer and more complex than a TV drama? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I’ve always been a fan of menage books, be it one night or like this one with a HEA.

But what sets this one apart from the others is the fact that all three are in the public eye, the one they bring in, is the co-star and hasn’t had these thoughts about another man before. He’s also several years younger then both other men.

The dynamic between Nick and Andrew is magnetic. You can tell they love each other, that they get each other. The why they send each other emails, even one or two lines just to keep in contact is priceless.

I also very much enjoyed they way that Andrew gave us a snapshot into Kevin and Nick attraction with us actually having to ,sit down, and listen to them talk. Since this is a novella, that commentary from a third party, really worked. And I loved the way, Andrew was the one pursing Kevin and not his co-star Nick. That they gave Kevin time to comes to terms with the feelings and possibilities of what could happen and what would happen.

The final scene when all three come together was beautifully done.  Giving Kevin time to back out, get his head around not just the night ahead but the future.

Having never been in that situation, there was one act that left me saying, really? And it did take away my overall enjoyment of the scene but not my overall enjoyment of the novella.


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