Siren’s Song (The Gray Court #5) by Dana Marie Bell

Siren's Song

A crescendo of evil could destroy their perfect harmony.

Oberon is well and truly lost, with no memory of who he is, where he came from, or where he’s going. One woman makes his palms sweat and his heart race, a woman with turquoise eyes and a beautiful voice. Instinct tells him she’s the only one who can save him.

Cassie knows the truth—he is the High King, her truebond, the one man born to be hers and hers alone. Restoring his memory and keeping him out of the Black Court’s clutches is her mission, though success means losing him. Yet to give the world back its High King, she will make that sacrifice.

As soon as Oberon’s memory comes crashing back through his mind’s closed door, he makes one vow. Though beset by enemies, chased and attacked, he will return to his rightful place with his Queen by his side.

Except when he makes good on his vow, all hell breaks loose. And when Cassie’s life is threatened, the fae world will bow before the High King or pay the price in blood.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, fishy shenanigans and royal naughtiness. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

At the end of The Hob, King Oberon was shown wandering, lost because his memory was gone. That was a terrible way for the author to leave fans of the series hanging. Outright cruel. Needless to say, I am glad that I had The Siren’s Song loaded on my Kindle and on my review schedule so I didn’t have to wait long to find out what Oberon’s fate was and whether or not he would accept his mate.


Having first met Cassie in Artistic Vision and then getting to know her a bit more in The Hob, it was obvious that hers was a pure and honest soul. As one of the merfolk, she uses her siren’s song to heal others and yet her own safety was in danger one she fled Atlantis up avoid an unwanted arranged marriage. Yet despite the risk to her safety and freedom, she takes off in pursuit of Oberon once his absence has been detected. Having been forewarned by Shane as to the condition she would find him in, Cassie knew that her skills would be needed to restore his memory. Because of the kind of person Cassie is, she is cautious as to the information she reveals during their time together because she does not wish to unduly influence Oberon. This proves to be a wise choice on her part because as Oberon’s memory returns and he comes to realize how she could have taken advantage of his situation, his love for her grows. Oh yes, I said love. As it turns out, Oberon’s memory loss ends up being a boon as he got to know Cassie without the memory of Titannia’s betrayal coloring their fledgling relationship.


One of the things I enjoy about Bell’s writing and this series is that while there is a series thread that is running from book to book, each book is written in such a way that it can be enjoyed as a standalone. While this does good true for The Siren’s Song as well, this particular installment will be more enjoyable if the prior books in the series are read first, but at the very least The Hob should be read. Despite how distressing his memory loss was, I found the developing relationship between Oberon and Cassie to be quite heartwarming. Cassie did all that she could to heal Oberon fully expecting her truebond to send her away once his memory was restored. So when his memory returns and he sets out to claim his queen, Cassie is happier than she ever expected to be. At the same time as their bond is being formed, Robin and his Blades are busy uncovering who was responsible for Oberon’s condition to begin with. I definitely understood his reaction to the identity of those involved and seriously enjoyed the way he and Robin dispensed punishment. But my favorite part was the formal bonding ceremony and I look forward to seeing Queen Cassandra show the doubters that she is truly Oberon’s partner and truebond mate.

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