Second-Story Man by Robert P. Rowe

Second-Story Man Disclaimer MaleTAGOffering a would-be thief a second chance is risky—especially when he could steal your heart.

Carlos had it all: a good-paying construction job, a truck, a rental house and his girl. Then he lost his job and everything else along with it. Desperate, he turns to crime—only to fail in his first attempt when he accidentally climbs into the wrong window. Carlos has to rethink his life when his victim becomes his only friend.

Michael has lost too many times in love. Prince Charming won’t be knocking at his door, with its do-not-disturb sign permanently in place, when fate finds Carlos climbing into his window. Michael’s compassion for this down-and-out lost soul turns to friendship. But Michael can’t allow things to go any further and still feel safe from heartbreak.

There are no accidents, and the second-story man discovers that in life and love there can be a second story. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Okay, two confessions.

One, this is my first by this author.

Two, I almost said no because of the cover. I have one fast rule. No ‘cartoon’, hand drawn style covers.

And I have to be honest, picking this book and then actually reading is on average 6-8 weeks apart so to remember why, IDK. Must have been one hell of a blurb.  Having said all that, I am so glad I did! What an amazing story!

Carlos has been down on his luck and is out of options, Michael is so routine driven he found a temporary place to live after college and never left. These two meet, Michael giving Carlos the break he needs and Carlos pushing Michael’s bounders further and further all the time.

What an unlikely pair, but on paper at least they work so perfectly. The way Carlos brings shy, stubborn Michael out of his shell is so sweet and amazing. The way Michael is so caring for Carlos even if he doesn’t say the words. And the secondary cast and story line is so heart warming, the re-connection of the families. The friends they make along the way.  And the HEA at the end in the epilogue is just brilliant.


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