Lovers & Fighters by Nash Summers

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Scott Halleck and Julian Reeves are polar opposites in almost every way. Scott, a modern arts curator at a museum in Chicago, relishes the finer things in life. Julian is a strange photographer whose hair color changes as frequently as his mood. As far as Scott can see, Julian is an erratic know-it-all who lives his life one day to the next. To Julian, Scott is an uptight, too-coiffed perfectionist.

As the two men continue to run into each other, their dislike grows, but beneath that animosity, a fire is beginning to spark. Scott is baffled when he realizes he is falling for Julian, a man who burns hotter than a wildfire. Scott will have to decide, for the first time in his life, if he’ll let the flames take over. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAGWhat a heart wrenching tale of Julian, for whatever reason, has such low self esteem he fell into drugs, and bad behavior to the point he’s been in and out of rehab. All the while his parents and sister have tried and failed to help. This last time, he shacked up with a low life that beats him and yet still won’t do anything, because he thinks, this is it this is my lot in life.

And Scott, who on the other hand has loving parents that gave him everything, and he still grew up unable to recognize love and understand the dept of feeling he could have for someone and in turn someone could have for him.

As the story unfolds and we get deeper in the lives of Julian and Scott we see  what shaped them into the men they have become. This story is set over months and months. With long periods of time missing. It’s accounted for in a timeline, saying weeks have gone by or watching the leaves turn.

The secondary people really help, Sara who helps Scott develop. Ryan, Scott soon to be ex. The sister Lori and the friend Darren. Even Scott’s parents handing out advice.

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