In Too Deep (In Too Deep #1) by Kate Sherwood

In Too Deep Disclaimer MaleTAGAt first glance, Cade and Aiden hardly seem like a match made in heaven. Their worlds couldn’t be further apart. Cade is quiet, serious, and determined to succeed; Aiden’s a party-loving frat boy. Cade comes from a rough home and worked hard to get the scholarships that make it possible for him to attend college; Aiden’s had it all thrown in his lap by supportive, kind, and wealthy parents. Cade wants nothing to do with Aiden, but from the moment they meet, Aiden is determined to find a way to bring their different worlds together.

Aiden manages to persuade Cade he’s a decent guy, and a tentative friendship becomes much more. But a trip to Aiden’s family cottage puts Cade in the path of a ghost from his past, and a dark secret he never expected to face again. Cade did what he had to do to escape his dead-end life, but now he sees he didn’t leave it as far behind him as he thought. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So over all I enjoyed this story. I found that it dragged in places, I found that Cade was whiny at times. But then I remembered that both of these charaters are young and I don’t normally read/listen to younger charaters so that may be normal.

Cade, such a damaged person because of his parents and upbringing. He has done an amazing job raising above everything even if it may cost the ultimate price in the long run.

Aiden, was raised with money, privileged and everything handed to him. And yet has managed to stay grounded and normal. Aiden has been fixated of Cade for over a year so when they finally get together is a slow build and yet very tender.  Dating with out sex, getting to know one another. Sweet.

You can feel the nervous energy Cade gives off when brought into certain situations, you can understand the frustrations that Aiden feels because of Cade. And when the secret comes out, the emotional pull between them is heart breaking.

The narrator, K.C. Kelly, did a good job with this story, however at times it was hard to distinguish between the charaters.

Book 4

Narrator 3

Overall 4

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