Free to Trust (Free #2) by C.W. Nightly

Free To Trust

Some pain is felt on the surface others are felt on the soul. Kate knows the sting of deception all too well. Though she bears no physical scars-her ability to trust has been shattered. When her work has her spending time with New York’s most notorious bachelor she finds herself fighting her attraction- that is until he stops fighting fair. But Cole’s high flying lifestyle has made him some powerful enemies. Enemies that want to extract revenge on the irreverent playboy where it hurts the most. Will Kate find the pleasure that eluded her until now only to have it ripped away? Or will she face her past and allow herself the chance to be Free To Trust? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Have you ever read a book and became addicted to it to the point of a major book hangover when you are done?  To the point you take your kindle with you while you cook a meal for your family, stay up late just to get a few more pages in, or braid your daughter’s hair while you were still looking over your shoulder just to grab a few more sentences?  Well that is how it was for me while reading this book.  I was not only addicted to the plot and needing to see what happen next, I found I wanted to be with Cole as much as Kate was.  He is certainly one of my top five fictional boyfriends.

Kate left for New York after she was devastated to learn the truth about her fiancé.  Vowing to never trust a man again, she found her career, made a good friend in Mercy and tried to keep her mouth shut during the two weeks she worked with corporate attorney Cole Jameson.  Burying her sensual side, her desires for passion and love has created a wall of shame for her.  She is embarrassed with her feelings and she continued to hide those needs deep within herself.

Cole knew instantly there was a chemistry that he can’t ignore.  He was willing and more than able to push those barriers down and make her see she deserved everything in life that she dreamed of.  No one would have known that he was just as fearful of being abandoned as he was of committing to a woman.  The ladies that he has taken to bed in the past, only wanted him for his money and knew the deal, but Kate, she was repulsed by his fame and fortune.  This only made him want her more.

Kate is in for some major surprises while she is with Cole.  He is one of the most sensual, passionate men I have read about in a long time.  I was so drawn to the way C. W. Nightly presented her plot and characters I had to immediately see what other books she had out.  You can guess my happiness when I realized this was book two in a series, so that alone says this can be read as a standalone, but I bought book one before I even finished this one.  I am obsessed with her style, the characters and the way they act, talk, love, fight, they are all a total package and her books are like the missing link in today’s literacy world.  While there are BDSM themes, suspense, drama and romance, the prize in this book are the connections that are made between the characters and the readers.  I can’t recommend this book enough.


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