Following the Law (Southern Charm #5) by Nicole Dennis

Following the Law Disclaimer MaleTAGCan a sheriff untangle the mysteries invading his town and those which surround the local IT geek who’s captured his attention?

Sheriff Robin Burke is pissed off. His quiet seaside town is troubled with all kinds of problems. Looking for the man who tried to poison Samuel Ashford is high on his priority list, but there is more in store. When someone he crushes on returns, he hopes to ignite his non-existent love life.

Returning from London, Beau Courtenay discovers his home has been invaded by his troubled half-brother. Dealing with the chaos, he is busy with a massive backlog of work and renovating the entire Southern Charm system. He finds another troubling detail in the form of random USB interfaces around Shore Breeze that don’t belong there. And there’s also the allure of the sheriff distracting him and threatening to reveal his darkest secret.

What will happen when Robin connects his suspect to the handsome IT geek with the delicious British accent and tight ass? Can Beau help the sheriff follow the law to prosecute anyone who dares to attack their beloved town?

Reader advisory: This book contains the use of homophobic language. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

I’ve enjoyed Dennis’ writing, and this series, so when the opportunity came up to review this book, I very quickly jumped on it.

Right off the bat, I do want to say that I loved how Dennis worked the fact that Beau is asexual into the story. To be honest, when I first realized that, I almost stopped reading the book because I’ve never read a book about an asexual character before, but I’m glad to say that I am so happy that I kept reading the book!

The fact that Beau is asexual is a big thing because it does carry a lot of weight throughout the book. It was great to see how Robin was willing to research and learn more about what being asexual means, and what it is like being a partner to an asexual person. But the best part about this whole thing is that Beau didn’t change himself at all to be with Robin. Which I loved that Dennis did that – because it shows that you can find someone to love you even if you are different.

The suspense from the other books in the series does carry over to this one. Dennis does a great job at keeping the interest and drama going and kept me turning the pages. It was also very fun to catch up with the other characters in previous books. I will say this though – this book does have a bit of a back track/repeats of the previous books. But in this book we get to see things from Beau and Robin’s POV’s which is also fun to do.

Overall, I really loved this story and I can’t wait to read more into the series in the future!

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