Darker Nights by Nan Comargue

Darker Nights

Lawyer Delia Darker’s world becomes very dark when two new clients turn out to be immortal vampires—and her long-time fantasy.

Delia Darker works at her family’s law firm, serving vampires and other immortals, but she has long ago gotten over her own lust for vampire males after being hurt and abandoned by one. When her colleague forces her to take over a meeting with two of his clients, she’s suddenly thrown into the night-time world of music, partying and incredible sex. How can she resist spending the night with Mark Lyons and Caleb Jennings?

Caleb has been searching for his and Mark’s one true mate, the ideal match prophesized for immortals. However, Mark is skeptical. Immortality just doesn’t seem to go with a committed long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter how attractive Delia is, he just doesn’t think it’s going to work—but he’s willing to give it a try for his best friend’s sake.

When that first wild night turns into a series of sexy encounters, Delia starts worrying that she might be falling for Mark and Caleb—and that certainly wasn’t the plan. She isn’t sure she wants to become an immortal. Sleeping with both a vampire and a werewolf might be a crazy experiment that’s all right for a little while, but the two males couldn’t want more than that, could they?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Wild After Dark anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Darker Nights is a sexy short story with two hot immortals and a sexy, but staid, attorney with a family history of working for them. Delia works for her family’s law firm – a firm that has catered to vampire divorces and immortal clients. When one of her coworkers asks her to take a meeting with his clients, Delia reluctantly agrees. Mark and Caleb are a vampire and werewolf who were turned on the same night. They invite Delia to their club after signing all the paperwork needed for their music business. Delia isn’t sure at first, but then she agrees. The energy from the music and blood wine runs through her, so when Mark and Caleb invite her to the back (a place Delia’s father always told her to avoid), she is surprised how quickly she says yes. It is back there where things get very hot and steamy between the three. After their encounters, Mark and Caleb determine that Delia is their one true soulmate, something not all immortals or mortals believe in. Delia already had a bad experience with one vampire, so she doesn’t want to do anything with the pair but play.

This is a very steamy, hot, spicy story that I devoured in one sitting. I love a good, hot, PNR story and this is definitely that! I look forward to reading more from this author.


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