Dark Economy by M. Keedwell

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Love can’t stay buried.

Medical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acquire “volunteers” from the occasional pauper’s grave in order to improve his surgical skills. While the legality of this practice is a bit murky, he wouldn’t go so far as to call it out and out robbery.

His latest acquisition, however, is different. The body on his table was obviously healthy, wealthy—and murdered. Cadell feels compelled to seek justice for the dead man, but while dissection comes naturally to him, crime investigation is unfamiliar territory.

Furthermore, he’s caught the attention of one of those new police officers, Blaine Breton. A handsome, sentimental fool who insists Cadell is a criminal. A criminal! Cadell is the first to admit he’s no saint, but he’s no killer.

A marvelous game of cat and mouse ensues as Cadell seeks to expose the truth while hiding his own secrets. A task that grows ever more difficult as his desire for Breton grows…and the danger deepens. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

My first by this author, I seem to say that a lot. And that’s one of the reason I love being a reviewer. I get to find all these great new authors!

The ONLY reason I picked this book was it was set in 1800’s England. (MM, for me is a given) This sub genre of MM books is an automatic yes for me.

And after reading this one, I have to say, this book was more mystery, who-done-it and less/zero romance.  Which was fine. But if you’re looking for romance or sweating sheets rolling sex. Nope, not this time.

The other thing I loved, it was about ‘normal’ people. Yes, we have Lords in it, of course. But this time they were the victim, the bad guys and it was the average guy that was solving the crime.

Cadell, is a budding medical student that is just trying to survive, any way possible. When he runs across someone that doesn’t fit the mold. Benton, is a Metropolitan police man, that believes Cadell is not only a grave robber but possibly a murderer. But regardless of all that can’t seem to to leave him alone.

As the story unfolds a cat and mouse game between Cadell and Benton  weaves it way between the plot of the main story and helps these two become friends of a sort and then possibly more by the end.

As Cadell tries to solve the mystery, we pick up several secondary cast members that play a major role in keeping the story going.  Dylan an old friend that he reconnects with, Tom helps with all things unsavory, and Wrotham.

The author does a wonderful job with keeping us guessing on the who-done-it part right until the end.  The only thing I didn’t much care for was the time line, got a little confusing. Was it weeks that past? just days? months? This didn’t take away from the story as such but I found it a little annoying.  Not enough   to stop me for looking up more by her, and hope they are Period England!


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