Burning Desire (Federal Agent Chronicles #1) by Ravyn Rayne

Burning DesireSaving people is FBI Agent Kaitlyn Rivers drug of choice. That’s not the only thing she loves about her job. The sexual tension is mounting between Kaitlyn and her alpha boss, Agent Joel Connor.

Assigned into an undercover operation to stop a serial child abductor with the pathetic Cole Sommers, Kaitlyn is silently thrilled when Cole is forced off the case and Joel steps in.

Intense romance, steamy sex scenes, and a nail-gripping case that will attract fans of crime dramas and thrillers. This action-packed erotica is sure to leave you pleased three times over! addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Burning Desire is a quick, hot, suspenseful read full of so much sexual tension that the pages smoke. Kaitlyn, aka Kai, is assigned an undercover mission trying to catch the person abducting children from a neighborhood. After her original partner is injured, Kai’s boss stands in as her undercover husband and the sexual tension between the two is combustible. But, Kai’s coworker, Cole, has the hots for her and Joel has a few kids of his own and a crazy ex-wife.

There was a lot of suspenseful moments along with the steamy sex scenes in this short story. The writing is really good, but the main character, Kai, repeated a lot of things that did not need repeating in such a short story. It may have worked if it were a longer novel, but in this case it was distracting. Other than that, I really enjoyed Burning Desire and look forward to reading more in this series.

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