Buchanan House by Charley Descoteaux

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Eric Allen, thirty-three-year-old line cook, moved in with his grandmother, Jewell, after a disastrous coming-out when he was in middle school. She raised him, and he cared for her when she fell ill. When Jewell died, she left everything to Eric—angering his parents and older brother. The inheritance isn’t much, but Eric and his bestie, Nathan, pool their money and buy an abandoned hotel on an isolated stretch of the Central Oregon Coast. The hotel isn’t far from Lincoln City—a town with its own Pride Festival and named for a president—so they christen it Buchanan House after James Buchanan, the “confirmed bachelor” president with the close male friend.

Eric and Nathan need a handyman to help them turn Buchanan House into the gay resort of their dreams. Eric finds Tim Tate in the local listings, and over the months leading to opening weekend, Tim reveals himself as a skilled carpenter with many hidden talents. Eric falls hard for Tim, but before he can see a future with the gorgeous handyman, he has to get over twenty years of being bullied and shamed by his birth family. It would be much easier if Eric’s brother Zach wasn’t trying to grab part of the inheritance or ruin opening weekend. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Fun, not much thought, cozy read. this is one of those books you want when you have a half day to kill, a pot of tea (of something stronger) a chaise lounge to relax on and no one to bother you. So you can read cover to cover.

Eric and Nathan have a unique friendship forged over time, a hatred for Eric’s family and the treatment of him. The love of Eric’s grandmother and the shared dream of opening a B and B together one day.

The one thing that never rubbed off on Eric is Nathan confidence, were we all see Eric this cute kinda geeky guy. He sees this average red head, pale skin and glasses.

The friends of these two are a hoot, are really liven up the story.

The slow build friendship, relationship between Eric and Tim was really cute and understandable on both sides. And Nathan playing the hot playboy to Eric’s monk was a very good contrast.

I got that we couldn’t just have the family disappear after the will and such, but that’s the only part of the book I found lacking. I just thought the whole Zach, call, stop by and the rest was thrown in. Unless we have a book two coming?  Although this Eric /Tim was left with a wonderful HEA.


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