Brie Masters Love in Submission: Submissive in Love (Brie #3) by Red Phoenix

Brie Masters Love

Delve into the mysterious domain of BDSM–a world of romance and wickedly hot fun in this epic third novel of the highly popular Brie Series.

A haunting dream about Tono Nosaka starts Brie Bennett on an erotic journey around the world. From Tokyo to Moscow, Denver and Tuscany, join Brie as she navigates the bonds of love and friendship. Passions will be tested and hearts broken when secrets are revealed within the circle of friends Brie’s made at the Submissive Training Center.

Brie is destined to experience the depth and many facets of love in the journey, yet her deepest desire eludes her. Her Master has the power to grant her wish, but it’s the one thing he said he’d never do.

**This is the compilation novel of the Submissive in Love serial #1-8.Erotic Romance (18+)goodreads Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

In order to be upfront about this review, there’s 2 things that I want to say first.

First, I have been a fan of Phoenix’s works since I first started reading them 2 years ago. Second, while this is the bundle of the Submissive In Love series, I had only read the first two prior to reading the bundle. And that was when they first came out.

Now – onto the review!

Once again we are following along with Brie as she grows into the submissive that her Sir wants her to be. This bundle was really interesting because a lot of the characters from the first Brie series had roles in this book as Brie gets to go and spend some time with them all.

Phoenix once again does go above and beyond with the stories in this bundle. Things that you didn’t think were possible, you find out in this book that they are. With that in mind, the overall bundle was rather enjoyable. However some of the stories just didn’t really work for me personally.

While it was cool to get to follow along with Brie’s journey, it was equally as weird to follow along with her journey. It was great to see the different places that everyone ended up in. It was a real learning experience.

I do have to say though, I was hopeful that this was the last book in the Brie series because it was so well written and thought out, that I personally felt like it tied up any loose ends that I felt there were with the previous books. With another series coming out, I’ll just have to wait and see what Phoenix comes up with next.fourstars Purchase LinksTAG

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