Blood Phoenix: Claimed (Broken World #2) by Alisha Costanzo 1


Boot Camp for Vamps has a new prisoner, and Ria is testing her new world of rules and regulations, fighting her oldest nemesis—conformity. Her key battle is keeping her individuality and hiding her phoenix powers.

With an uptight mentor, an estranged werewolf, and an unlikely band of humans on her side, Ria must first survive her trials, designed to break her by a queen hell bent on making her suffer…let the nightmare begin. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Since I did not read the first book in this series, I am lost on what went on before the beginning of this one. Ria was recently turned into a vampire under the control of Queen Phea. Her mentor, Gene, is helping her gain and control her powers – powers that the queen, the other vamps, and even Gene fear are becoming too strong for such a young and newly turned vampire. Ria is forced to play by the rules when she must attend vampire boot camp and go by all the rules and laws the queen deems fit. The queen holds all of the power by holding hostage everything Ria loves, which is why the head vampire is so afraid of Ria’s powers becoming too strong. It, also, seems as though the witchy queen is very jealous of the newly turned vamp – at least that is my take on the pair. Ria tries so hard to hold on to her humanity in a world where killings and hunger rule. She does manage to keep her wit and sassy personality despite being newly turned.

There are a host of other characters that play a part in Ria’s world throughout the entire story. Some are from her current life and some are from her past. Either way, they all move the story forward and show Ria’s humanity or loss of it in their own way. Things happen that I won’t mention because of it being a spoiler, but it makes her even more powerful.

I really enjoyed this story and the world the author built within it. When you read a book and hate a character as much as I did with the queen, it’s easy to stay focused and involved in the story.

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