Air Bear by A. J. Llewellyn

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Kappy and Jason are happily newlywed men relocating from a military base in Massachusetts to Kappy’s childhood home of Honolulu. For Kappy, the move brings up a lot of good and bad memories. And with his husband working a lot, it leaves him to deal alone with his resurrected past.

Jason, an Air Bear, is working at the combined Hickham and Pearl Harbor bases as a military police detective on a reactivated cold case. Although Jason’s work is secretive, his private life is spicy, hot, and nothing like anything the normally remote Jason has experienced before.

But things are about to get freaky when the target of Jason’s investigation starts stalking him. Jason has much to lose, and now he wonders about Kappy’s assertion that the island spirits—especially some wacky volcano goddess named Pele—will protect him… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

What was that?  This almost became my very first DNF. So many things I didn’t care for, writing style. Alternate first person POV, being dropped in the middle of a convo and not having a clue about whats going on. And winding up in a three way with a surprised husband that doesn’t get mad?!  Then whiplash, your at the base investigating a cold case, right after the three way.  (they did shower)

While spending most of the book investigating the cold case. We do jump all over the place, parents popping in, old friends, pot smoking not so friendly Millie etc.  We’ve so many people and so many different stories going on it’s hard to get a handle on Kappy’s and Jason feelings for each other.

What I can tell you is Jason and crew like sex, and can seem to find time for it even with all this other stuff happening around them. To the point I skimmed.   Too much for for a 115 page book.


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