#WhipIt: The Devil’s Angel

The Devil's Angel

The Devil's Angel**WARNING**
The Devil’s Angel is not intended for the faint of heart. It is violent, dark and focuses on a very warped blood fetish.
The heroine is hard, confident and learns the hard way that what she is has limits, and what she craves is beyond what she has ever wanted.
The hero is far from a hero. He is a depraved sociopath who has a craving for blood and violence that goes beyond his vampire nature. Hero wouldn’t even be the appropriate title. More like the destroyer.
The first book in a Burned and Broken Happily Ever After it is intended for readers 18+. It contains death, knife play, anal, and same sex encounters. There are parts that are uncomfortable and down-right horrific. If you can handle that by all means proceed, but you have been warned.

He is the Devil.
Hell is a relative term, but from the moment Alistair Drake stepped into my office I was on my way. I have been taught from as early as I could remember that vampires should be nothing but dust in the wind, but his sly grin and commanding presence helped weave his web pulling me within. The methods nothing less than masterful, wound in such a way that I couldn’t feel when escape was nothing but a memory. He holds more questions than answers but as his pain turns to pleasure and his pleasure turns to pain none of that seems like it matters.
She is my Angel.
Heaven is transcendent, but with Angel Mae heaven was imminent. Her hybrid makeup feeds my unique pleasures. She is the perfect toy to add to my collection but to acquire something such as her doesn’t come without risk. The very blood that pulses just beneath her perfect skin chips away at my control. The monster that had been so expertly reigned in pounds harder at its escape. As her pain becomes my pleasure and I become her pain none of that seems to matter.
He is the Key.
The mark, Lorcan McRevve, the right hand man to the devil himself was supposed to be the key to escaping a prison I’m not even sure I want to escape. The secrets that he holds and the secrets that unfold may prove to be too much. Will tracking him down be worth it or will both men use the power of blood, pain, pleasure and seduction to hold me in a prison that may shatter the already fragile divide of two worlds that I have worked so hard to balance? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Dark, twisted, and so very gruesome, The Devil’s Angel is nothing like any other book I have ever read. Alistair is not a hero at all, but a psychopath that gets off on one thing and always gets what he wants. No matter who, or what, he hurts. He is also a very old vampire with secrets. I liked parts of him and hate myself for it. Angel is half vampire and half human. She never knew her father until Alistair sends a note and a check for a very large sum of money for her private investigating services. He wants her to find his missing “child”, Lorcan, and the paper he stole from him. Upon researching her new client, her assistant and best friend finds a photo of Alistair and his business partner – a male carbon copy of Angel. Angel wants more information about her father from Alistair, but he tells her that comes with a price. His price is her – as his servant, lover, concubine, and mate. She wants no part of the vampire life, but Angel’s lust takes over and Alistair gets a hold on her and won’t let go. While Angel is trying to find Lorcan, Alistair is trying to reign her in and make her his.

This book was full of horrific scenes that were important to moving and creating the story. I absolutely hated and was disgusted by them, yet they fascinated me in a way that makes me cringe. I hate myself for loving it so much! The intensity of the scenes still give me the chills! I have a feeling that Lorcan is a just a piece of a complicated puzzle and that this tale is not over.

The Devil’s Angel comes with a very detailed warning by the author. If any of the things mentioned bother you at all, then this is not the book for you. However, if you are at all intrigued by what it is about, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a go.


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