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Strength in Submission Strength in SubmissionIn the first book of this series, From Seduction to Submission, Natalie, a confident, intelligent and independent lawyer, had given herself to the enigmatic and dominant Mr. James, eventually begging him to take her as his slave.

Since that momentous decision two months previously, she has never looked back and spent much of her non-working time being taken on a series of erotic adventures that would have been beyond her comprehension a few short months before.

Despite her initial misgivings, her Master turns out to be benevolent, encouraging her to push her limits, let herself go and enjoy the freedom of being led by another. Giving him total trust, she submits to and partakes in adventures that seem so incongruous—but which deliver such erotic outcomes and mind-altering pleasures that she finds herself wanting more and more of what only he can offer.

In a seemingly antithesis of her submission, she thrives in the workplace as her submission makes her even stronger and more assertive; resulting in her becoming a full partner in her firm. Eventually she finds herself in a situation she would not have expected in her wildest dreams, wondering where this latest twist will take her.

This story includes detailed depictions of BDSM and control as our heroine explores this underworld of love, eroticism and kink. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Strength in Submission is book two in the Natalie’s Submission Series, it’s the continuation of Natalie’s path into the submissive lifestyle. James agrees to be Natalie’s Master and further take her into the sadist part of being a submissive. This is not your normal romantic storyline, but a dark story about a slave/Master relationship and the boundaries pushed within that relationship. Throughout the story, Natalie learns that she needs to be submissive in order to be more in control of her “normal” life.

This was a well written and detailed story about BDSM. I found the push/pull struggle within Natalie’s mind to be genuine and believable. James seemed to truly care about his slave and wanted only the best for her, while not overly spoiling her within that role. Natalie learns so much about James, the lifestyle, and herself that it was difficult to put the book down at times because of the flow information coming at me. I’m glad I read this story and like the author’s writing style.


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