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Nanette's Capture

Nanette's CaptureWith her home in desperate danger, Nanette is her family’s last hope.  Can she escape with her younger sister to see her safely through the wilderness to Caledonia, the world’s last pocket of civilization?

The journey is long and harsh, and while Nanette does her best, after several months, the sisters are hungry, dirty, and their meager supplies are running thin.   Nanette breaks their cover just once, and manages to catch a few small fish, but as a result both are captured.

Nanette fights to protect her sister, although her actions are useless against the wall of strong men. One man, Jeffery, admires her spirit, and he asks his leader if he can keep her as his slave.

Suzanna, below the age of enslavement, finds herself adopted into a new family, where she is welcomed and protected but Nanette is given to her captor, where she learns that anything other than immediate and absolute obedience is dealt with swiftly and severely.

At first, she tries to make the best of a bad situation, but soon Nanette comes to crave his touch and to find comfort in his discipline, and with this comes the horrible realization that she may never be more than his slave.

“Nanette’s Capture,” is a capture romance, set in a post-apocalyptic world.  It features the enslavement of adult women, BDSM and spanking elements, and erotic slavery themes.   If such themes offend you, please do not buy Nanette’s Capture.   addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 While I enjoyed Nanette’s Capture it had more to do with Nanette’s integration into the community than her developing relationship with Jeffery. This is perhaps due to the way in which Noble began the book – by joining the sisters on their trek to safety right before their village was attacked. As the eldest, their parents charged Nanette with keeping her sister safe and while Suzanna does not make it easy in typical teenager fashion – not even an apocalypse can knock the attitude out a teen – Nanette is determined to do as her parents ask. It’s obvious there is love between the two sisters and that’s what makes Nanette’s capitulation to her captors believable. She will do as she must to insure her sister’s safety, even if that requires Nanette to serve as slave in whatever capacity her new owners require.


Once Lauren explains to Nanette what it means to be a part of the House of Brackish Bay and what her fate would be if she chose not to obey those in charge, Nanette resolves to be the best household slave possible by doing all that Lauren tells her to do and helping out when she can. She builds a relationship with Lauren and unknowingly proves her worth repeatedly – unknowingly because Roy, the governor of Brackish Bay, notices her efforts. I found the scenes between Nanette and Roy extremely entertaining and would have enjoyed seeing more. As much as I love a good ménage, I found the scenes between Nanette and Jeffery and Nanette, Jeffery, and Devon to be a bit harsh for someone who lacked the experience with what they were demanding. I get that she was both a house slave and a sex slave, but considering how roughly she was initiated into certain acts she shouldn’t have been able to move for a day or two much less carry out the more strenuous household chores, yet there was very little mention of her discomfort. I also found the interactions between her and Jeffery to be lacking in any basis on which she could form the attachment to him she did. The sexual attraction and pleasure-pain conditioning I understand, but that was not enough in my mind for me to find her attachment to him believable, especially when she was treated with tenderness by Jeffery’s brother Devon. The author’s writing is solid and Nanette’s Capture was an enjoyable read, I was just more interested in Nanette’s relationship with everyone but Jeffery.

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