Urban Warfare (Pyramider Spy-Fi #1) by Eric Vinc3nt 2


On a clear Saturday night in downtown Philadelphia, a spectacular mafia assassination is captured by a TV news chopper, and the footage becomes a worldwide viral sensation. This lurid publicity stunt is the work of Julian Breton, a professional “culture-hacker” who honed his dark arts running psychological warfare operations for the US military. But Breton appears to have killed the wrong man in a case of mistaken identity. His intended target, a charismatic mafia prince named Ricky Dante, now has no choice but to find Breton and eliminate him, because if Dante’s mafia elders discover the decades-old betrayal behind all this, Dante will not get another chance at escaping death.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Urban Warfare, written by Philadelphia native Eric Vincent, is the first book in his Pyraminder Trilogy. I read the last book in the trilogy a few months ago and enjoyed it, so I was happy to review this one. Detective Tristan Boumann is the hero of the trilogy – he investigates all of the cases throughout the stories. The book reads like an old time Noir film, complete with Mafioso players, a detective, Government agents with a secret, and other characters playing key roles.

Urban Warfare begins on a street in Philly. A known mafia prince, Ricky Dante, has been released from prison and a news chopper catches the murder of another mobster and the video goes viral. This lead to chaos, mafia drama, and a lot of crime and suspense all around. The best thing about this book is all of the rich, detailed, history about Philadelphia and its locale. Urban Warfare pulls the reader in and grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. I really enjoyed the way the story played out and attention to detail the author puts into his writing. Government agencies with vendettas and mob members with blood on their hands are all believable in this fictitious story. It reads like a movie playing out in my head. Not once did it get boring nor did the chaos surrounding the drama get to be too much. I really enjoy the author’s story-telling, world building, and writing style and can’t wait to read the next book within this trilogy.


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