Thin As Smoke (The Gaslight Mysteries #4) by Erin O’Quinn

Thin as Smoke Disclaimer MaleTAGIn 1924, the PI team of Michael McCree and Simon Hart are on the trail of missing motors—a mundane case that turns deadly when they discover the link between their case and that of Samuel Dashiell Hammett.

The writer of hard-boiled crime is scratching to earn a living, and his work as an undercover Pinkerton operative lands him on the shore of the Irish Sea, in the city of Dun Linden. In one of a series of coincidences, Hammett finds himself paired with his old friend Michael, a man he knew in the U.S. before he left for the World War.

“Sam,” as he’s known to Michael, unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that separate the two partners and sometime-lovers. Working on his own, Simon finds himself on both ends of a Smith & Wesson revolver. Meanwhile, Sam and Michael discover that the perilous connection between motors and Mafia bootleggers also means a shattering of former alliances…because Michael and his old friend share a secret, one that threatens to end both his career and his complex relationship with Simon. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This book is different from the other books in the series in the sense that it doesn’t start a few days after the last book, To the Bone, ended. Instead we are more in the future of the crime solving duo, Michael and Simon.

Right off the bat I really liked that because, to be honest, I was more wondering about what their future was going to hold, as opposed to just following them day by day. It was great to find out that even months later they were still together, and still fighting crime.

This story I do think was my second favorite of the series so far, in that we are given some information about Michael’s past. I really enjoyed getting to know him better. I also liked the jealously that Simon had to deal with in this story. It really added something to it for me.

The crime that they were solving was also interesting and kept my attention. In this book the crime did feel as though it took a back seat for me personally and that more attention was given to the couple as compared to the other novels.

I did enjoy this series and I do have plans to read more of it in the future. O’Quinn has a new fan when it comes to this series for sure!


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