The SEAL In My Attic (Lightning Strikes #3) by Jan Irving

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On the run with his sexy SEAL Caleb Black, Doctor Murphy Walton is looking for answers while trying to avoid getting his heart stomped a second time.

Doctor Murphy Walton is having a really bad day. His favorite patient died in surgery and now he’s on forced leave. He comes home and discovers sizzling cowboy Caleb Black skulking in his attic. He’s never forgotten the SEAL or the passionate week they shared, though he hasn’t heard from Caleb in more than a year.

But now things are different. Caleb doesn’t remember who he is or why he came to Murph. All Caleb knows is he has to retrieve something from Murph’s attic…and keep him breathing when assassins try to eliminate the one person he could never forget—shy, sweet Murph.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

I bought all three books at the same time when they were on sale and lost them for 6 months. I’ve refound them and think I’ll probably lose them again.

*sigh* Okay, so Murphy is in his surgical residency. He wants to be a small town doctor and is just trying to get through. Then Caleb drops back into his life, with blood all over the floor, intense fear, and most of his memory gone except for one thing – he had to get something important from Murphy’s attic. Next thing Murphy knows, they’re being attacked by men who want to torture and kill them and his former boyfriend has killed them. It’s an exciting way to start off the book. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

This is probably one of my largest reservations about books from this publisher. Sometimes I think they err so far on the side of sex that they interrupt the storyline to smash in a scene every few words. And since there are tons of people who buy their books, I would say they’re doing something right. Just not for me.

Murphy and Caleb end up in a super-secret location trying to find out exactly what happened to Caleb to make him slightly insane and have lost his memory. They hear noises. They are pretty sure there are mad men with super strength in the building with them. What do they do? They have sex. Once in the shower, once in an exam table in the torture chamber (no joke). Not only do they have sex on that table, but Caleb insists on tearing up a sheet and binding/gagging him. Sorry, guys. A huge tenet of fiction is that reality has to be a little more real than in actual reality. This was too much for me. I forced myself to finish the book, but I personally thought Caleb needed to be locked up somewhere where he couldn’t hurt anyone – especially Murphy.

2 stars. It escaped 1 star because at least it didn’t have typos.twostars Purchase LinksTAG

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