The Satellite Agent (Pyramider Spy-Fi #2) by Eric Vinc3nt 2


In her capacity as a world-traveled musician and composer, Victoria Penrose functions as a “satellite agent” for a New York literary firm, and in May 2010 she receives a memoir proposal from a retired intelligence operative called Galileo. But Victoria’s email is being intercepted by the CIA, due to her proximity to an unsolved political assassination five years prior. Victoria’s correspondence with the former spy wakes a sleeping conspiracy and triggers a global chase, putting her in the crosshairs of both American and Russian assassins. When Victoria and her international web of associates mount a resistance utilizing viral media, they’ll expose a CIA official with a skeleton in his closet so shocking, he’ll have no choice but to up the stakes as far as they will go.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

As the second book in Eric Vinc3nt’s Pyraminder Trilogy, The Satellite Agent is full of suspense, crime, and a story that leaves you wanting more. Victoria Penrose is a musician with politically tied parents. She is contacted by a former Intelligence agent to publish his memoir and that sets off an adventure full of chaos, espionage, danger, and secrets.

Like his other books in this trilogy, The Satellite Agent is a well written page turner by Mr. Vinc3nt. It takes place in the streets of Philadelphia, Istanbul, Belin, and Russia as well as in places knowns and others secretive. Victoria is not just an average musician, but a woman with many hidden secrets and talents not shared with those around her. What starts out as a secret meeting between herself and the agent wanting to publish his memoir ends up with her being kidnapped, rescued by said retired agent, her escape to London, and much more. It’s difficult to summarize the story without spoiling it, but any reader that loves a good crime driven drama would love this book!  The characters are interesting, with some being more so than others, and the plot is well driven and engaging. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, the plot takes a sharp turn and proves you wrong!

I’m so glad to have read this interesting and engaging series by Mr. VInc3nt. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that loves a good, suspenseful, crime driven novel.


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